How I convinced my parents to let me do dangerous things and 5 tips to convince your parents too.

Photo of How I convinced my parents to let me do dangerous things and 5 tips to convince your parents too. by Khiskabanda

Hello everyone! So my name is Khiska banda and today I will share my secret on how to convince your parents to let you live an adventurous life and do some epic, dangerous shit.

So what dangerous shit are we talking about?

Well, it could be – Skydiving, Solo Paragliding, Surfing, or Riding from Manali to Leh on a bicycle.

So these are those 5 tips to convince your parents, this is what you can do-

1 – Go on trips unannounced.

But tell your parents after you return.

This will serve two purposes- first, they will believe that you are going to do it whether they consent or not, so it would be better if they consent in the future. Second, they will gain some confidence in you, something like, “iss nalayak ne itna kuch kaise kar liya?”

2- Try Trojan Horsing your real desire by presenting something ridiculous first-

Ask permission for something radically dangerous, then give them a mellowed down option that you wanted in the first place.

For instance, I wanted to go on a motorcycle trip to Rajasthan. So I asked them permission for a solo trip to Uttarakhand in the monsoon (the news was flooded with reports of how dangerous it was with mudslides and overflowing rivers). My parents obviously said no, so I presented a counteroffer to which they agreed. Long story short, I had a bucket load of fun in Rajasthan.

3 – Use their anecdotes against them, i.e. Sharma Ji ka Beta.

We have always suffered at the hands of Sharma jee ka beta, compared to them and been reprimanded. It’s time to turn the tables around.

Find a Sharma ji ka ladka who goes on adventurous trips, who travels the world, who lives life on the edge. Every time you need permission for anything, use this person as an example.

Although I am a Shrivastava jee ka ladka, I would be happy to fulfill that role for you guys if needed.

4- Give them time, but also keep nagging them –

My first trip which was allowed from my home was in my third year of college to a place called Auli. Although I had been to many “unofficial” trips before that, a trip where you have permission from your parents has a whole different set of “feels”.

Don’t ever give up, ask twice or thrice or even ten times! Persistence is the key!

5 – Have a heart to heart conversation.

Be honest with them, and convince them how a certain trip might be a life-changing opportunity for you.

When I wanted to do Paragliding, the argument for it lasted three days. Then I stopped fighting and I actually sat down to have a real conversation about how this was my dream and how it would provide me with emotional satisfaction.

At the end of the day, your parents are your support pillars. They will never want to see you miserable, so have real conversations with them share your feelings. They may not understand at first, but if you talk it out, they will come to terms with your emotions.

The last bonus tip, it really helps if you have parents with an adventurous soul. I lucked out in this department but if your parents aren’t adventurous, this is what you can do- use your superpower to go back in time and ghar waalon ko bachpan me dhoondh ke adventure karwaao.

So that’s it for today, folks! This is how I convinced my parents to let me do all the crazy shit that I do, and I hope it helps you too!

And guess what was the final result of all this convincing.I did a solo bike trip across all States of India and ended up making this video -

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