10 reasons every Indian mom gives her daughter to stop her from travelling


Let’s face it. Indian parents are intrusive and overprotective. When girls in other countries feel like going on a date, or spending the night at a friend’s place, or getting drunk at a pub, they do just that. In India, though, as soon as we have a desire for anything that involves leaving the house, we know we’re doomed. We make up all sorts of excuses – but if we are smart, our parents are smarter. Logic has no effect on them. They have their own list of illogical excuses to make sure our hearts remain at home.

1. What my mom says: We trust you, but we don’t trust who you’re going with.

What I want to say, but don't: I introduced my friends to cigarettes. Not the other way around.

2. What my mom says: Indian girls don’t go out alone – without their parents. It’s against our culture.

What I want to say, but don’t: One day it’s be independent, the other, stay at home. Make up your mind, mom.

3. What my mom says: At your age, I was taking care of the whole house. All you want to do is fool around with your good-for-nothing friends.

What I want to say, but don’t: No thank you. I ain’t having that life!

4. What my mom says: Beta, the world is not safe for girls. Anything can happen anywhere. So you should stay at home.

What I want to say, but don’t: And one day, you’ll happily shove me into the arms of a stranger.

5. What my mom says: Travel after you get married. With your husband.

What I want to say, but don’t: Will the same rule apply to him?

6. What my mom says: I don’t like your ‘there is more to life’ nonsense. Concentrate on making round rotis.

What I want to say, but don’t: Ummm, I roll pretty round joints. Does that count?

7. What my mom says: Sharma auntie will gossip about us. Our neighbours will stop talking to us.

What I want to say, but don’t: Actually, Sharma auntie’s daughter is sneaking out with us.

8. What my mom says: It’s our fault. We gave you too much freedom.

What I want to say, but don’t: Here I thought we lived in a free country.

9. What my mom says: Vacations are a waste of money. Save for your grand wedding.

What I want to say, but don’t: Ummm, I’m not getting married. Did I forget to tell you that?

10. What my mom says: It’s just friends, friends, friends. You never go out with us anymore.

What I want to say, but don’t: The last time we went out together, you fell asleep at the dinner table. What innovative excuses does your mom come up with to make you stay at home?