Journey to North India

Photo of Journey to North India by Abhimanyu Ghosh

23rd October 2021 : It was early morning and we were all ready to leave for Manali by car from Kolkata... Our first stop was Varanasi... We reached Varanasi by late evening and the city was crowded with people all around and there wasnt any traffic signal that was being followed... We checked into the Hotel Radison Blu... Then we took a boat ride in the river Ganges and saw the different Ghats of Banaras. Ganga Aarti was a ritual performed everyday by the priests in different ghats of Banaras to seek the blessing of Mother Ganges. It is a beautiful site which priests dressed in red holding fire and performing "Aarti" which we saw from the boat.

24th October 2021: We woke up early in the morning and then we checked out of the hotel and we were on our way to Greater noida. On the way to greater noida we saw a beautiful elephant on the road and then we were mesmerised by the beauty of the Highway which was made by the U.P. government that connected the Bypass road to Delhi... As we reached Greater Noida we checked into the Hotel Crown Plaza. On the way we stopped at Agra but was unable to see the Taj Mahal because it required advance booking and entry pass.

25th October 2021: We checked out of Crown Plaza Hotel and now we were on our way to Manali. We checked in at our resort at "Club Mahindra Kandaghat which was 6 hrs drive from Greater Noida... Then we spent our day at the resort enjoying and feeling the beauty of Himalayas all around.

26th October 2021: We checked out from "Club Mahindra Kandaghat" We were on our way to Shimla... We took the Kalka Shimla highway to reach Shimla. As we reached Shimla we checked in Pristine Peaks Naldehra.

27th October 2021: Next day we went to see some interesting places around Shimla. We went to see 108 Feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman which was located on Jakoo Temple. The area was covered in deep forest. The car had to be parked outside in the parking lot. The entrance of the temple was near the parking lot but temple was on a hilltop as we had to climb many steps but I made the effort and went to see the tall statue and took the blessing of Lord Hanuman. Then we went to see Maa Durga Idol which was covered in Gold and the temple structure outside was in the form of Pagoda. I felt it was very artistic in the design. After Visiting Durga Maa Temple took her blessing we went to another location known as Indian Institute of Advance Studies. The name sounds nice but when i heard it... In History this institute was An East India Company Headquarters... I was feeling uneasy and disturbed to see Inside as this was a colonial structure which remind us of the past. I did take some pictures but as i was taking pictures i was also getting angry and upset to know that this was the place which reminded us of British rule of 200 yrs We were not allowed to enter the institute or take pictures but I took it anyways...

28th October 2021 : We checked out from Pristine Peaks Naldehra. We were on our way to Manali. On the way to manali we saw the Beas river. As we went closer and closer to manali we were coming close to the himalayas and the view of the Clean Blue Beas River and backdrop of Himalayas Mountains which was breathtaking as I saw these beauty of himalayas with snow capped mountains for the first time in my life. Soon we had reached our Club Mahindra Resort Manali and i was excited as we got to stay just near the mountain and each day was a different experience for me. It was extremely cold and snow was all around us which was a very unique experience. It felt like we could run and touch the snow.

29th October 2021: We went to Manali Market to do some s hopping and I took some selfies with a guy who had dressed up as Charlie Chaplin nearby. Then we were on the way to Rohtang Pass and the view of himalayas was breath taking... There was snow all around. We stopped near the Atal Tunnel. We did not go through the Atal Tunnel as that road would take you up to Rohtang Pass. We didnt cross the Atal Tunnel as the elevation was more than 14000 Feet and it might affect our health. I wanted to play and feel the snow for sometime and I enjoyed the snow in my hand and it felt great feeling snow on my hand also took some selfies and enjoyed the moment as it may never come again. On our way back down Rohtang Pass we stopped by for a few seconds because i wanted to capture the beauty of Solang Valley which i see in most Travel Magazines and now was the chance that i got to see it in person. Then we returned to our Club Mahindra Resort Manali and enjoyed our evening

30th October 2021: We Checked out from Club Mahindra Resort Manali and then we were on our way to back to Chandigarh. We checked in Hotel Radisson blu Chandigarh. Then we went to see the famous Rock Garden in Chandigarh. That garden was a huge maze. Once we got in. We were finding difficulty to find our way out. So had to rush to the exit but as we kept going. We kept going deeper and deeper into the garden and we were getting tired and exhausted and wanted to get out of that Rock Garden but it frustrated me even more... Finally we got out of the "Rock Garden" and decided never to come to this garden again. This garden was filled with Dolls and different stone carvings. We returned to the hotel Radisson Blu and relaxed ourselves in our room.

31st October 2021: We Checked out from Hotel Radisson Blu and then we were on our way to Lucknow. As we reached Lucknow in the evening. It was time for the famous delicacy of Lucknow that is the Gulaiti Kebab... I thought Lucknow was famous for its Biriyani to but i was mistaken. Lucknow is only famous for its Kebabs especially the Gulaiti Kebab which just melts in your mouth as you have it. We went to a restaurant called "Falakhnuma Clark Restaurant" I loved the kebabs of Lucknow and was dissappointed with the Lucknow biriyani as i felt there was no taste in lucknow biriyani. After dinner, we checked into Novotel Hotel Lucknow and went to relax ourselves as it was a very tiring day for all of us

01st November 2021: We checked out from Novotel Hotel then we went to see the famous Bara Imambara and Bhool Bhulaiya at Lucknow... as we had limited time as we had to leave for Varanasi. We needed to see everything in a rush... Then we were on our way to Varanasi. We checked in Radisson Blue Hotel in Varanasi in the evening.

02nd November 2021: We took a boat ride to see the Early morning Sunrise and we saw the famous Kashi Vishwawanath Temple In Varanasi. After taking the blessing of Lord Vishwanath we were on our way back to Kolkata.

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