11 New Age Couple Travel Bloggers You Must Follow


Our world can often make us feel hopeless and lonely. However, once is a while a heart-warming story comes along and re-instates our faith in love and magic. One way that I keep myself inspired is by following new-age couple travel bloggers who epitomise romance with their travel stories. If you’re someone who would love to add a touch of happy to your Instagram feed, here are couple bloggers you must follow. You never know, one day, you might just find a special someone who you will see the world with.

Brishendra (Vishu) and Saumya of Road to Taste

'Roads travelled, food tasted and experiences garnered' is how this couple defines their journey on Instagram. Vishu and Saumya are individuals with completely different interests. However, their mutual love for travel and exploration brought them together, so much so, that they started documenting their experiences on their blog. They map food around the world, show you luxury hotels, review gadgets and reveal an unseen side of the places they visit. The photographer-writer duo will transport you to a different place with their chanting words and stunning visuals. Treat their blog as a know-it-all guide to India, and you too will have explored the best of the country.

Looking for an off-beat getaway? Take inspiration from the couple's trip to Simour Valley.

Rohit and Shivani of The Traveller Lens

From Sonmarg and Kerala to Vietnam, travel bloggers Rohit and Shivani balance challenging jobs with their passion for travelling. The couple's Instagram handle and blog chronicle their stories, stunning pictures and detailed guides to places that you must visit. With their bucket lists filled to the brim, the couple aims to catch sunrises in every part of the world.

Check out their detailed travel guide to a colourful time in Kochi.

Rishabh and Nirali of Gypsycouple

Rishabh and Nirali met for the first time when their families conspired them into an arranged marriage setting. As two people who had never met before and were to spend the rest of their lives together, they found love in their shared enthusiasm for travelling. Their free-spirit and immense love for life (and each other) is evident in the cheesy photos they click together. Their bucket list includes the Machu Picchu trail, Amazon rain-forest, trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro, and an igloo stay in the North Pole.

Love going offbeat? Check out their amazing experience in Dubrovnik!

Kanika and Kesav of Gulping Nomads

This power couple toils hard at their corporate jobs during weekdays and live the blissful nomadic life over the weekends. Kanika and Kesav have visited 12 countries in the last two years, and their stories from around the world will tickle the travel bug in you. Follow them and get inspired to commence a unique voyage across the globe.

Check out their guide to exploring the unseen side of Egypt.

Sandy and Vijay of Voyager

This couple bid goodbye to their fat paychecks in order to pursue a life of uncertainty and excitement. As they travelled together, they discovered their penchant for travel writing and sharing their stories with the world. Today, Sandy and Vijay have successfully established themselves as travel influencers, having travelled to more than 30 countries across the world. Their blog provides an insight into nature, culture, luxury and history. With their beautifully strung words, the bloggers capture the very fabric of the places they visit.

Read their interesting account of life in Arunachal Pradesh.

Krupa and Vishal of Map Camera Travel

Having travelled across the length and breadth of India and top-rated destinations abroad, Vishal and Krupa are renowned for their know-it-all guides to different destinations. If you’re heading to a new destination, check out their blog before you start planning. You will find information on all you need to know before you leave for your trip. At the same time, their helpful travel and photography tips will make your trip all the more fun. Follow them and travel to the most stunning locales around the world.

Check out their tips for first-time travellers to Sri Lanka.

Tara and Goutham of Clueless Compass

This travel couple has been travelling around the world for three years. They have already visited 16 countries! What makes Tara and Gautham stand out as bloggers is the fact that they bring forth the lesser known towns of every country that they visit. The destinations on their blogs are unique and often unheard of. The lens with which they present their stories will make you want to book tickets right away.

Read their exciting story from the time they visited a paradise in Greece.

Donald and Diana of Naughty and Curly

Together, Donald and Diana are exploring India and the world. Their blogs are comprehensive travel guides that will answer every query you may have about visiting a new place. Their content is engaging and helpful. Moreover, the couple's expert travel tips will help you visit luxury destinations under a budget. Don't forget to check out their fun travel videos that capture the essence of the places they visit.

The couple gives you a peep into Tadoba National Park with this blog. Click here to read.

Ankita and Mohit of Trail Stained Fingers

When Ankita, a journalist and Mohit, a software engineer got together, they started travelling the world and creating magic with their words. They've explored 10 countries and 17 Indian states, and are on a mission to explore all of Europe together. Their Instagram feed is an explosion of aesthetics, and their blog is rife with information on luxury resorts, travel gadgets, food, wine, nature, wildlife and culture. Apart from inspiring readers to travel, the couple offers a unique service of customising itineraries according to your preference. If you're someone who hates planning and finds holiday packages restrictive, you can get your itineraries created by Ankita and Mohit for a nominal fee.

Head to their Tripoto blog to read their experiences from around the world.

Siddharth and Shruti

Siddharth and Shruti proudly call themselves nerds who are wandering around the world while juggling their careers. They have a bucket list that is filled to the brim with some of the most exciting things to do around the world. This new age couple provides detailed travel tips, destination and food guides. The 'nerdy' section on their blog, yes, they have one, is the perfect place if you want to geek out as you travel.

Read all about their exotic trip to Belize in the Caribbean Sea!

Amrita and Agni of Tale of 2 Backpackers

Amrita and Agni are wanderers, foodies and ardent lovers of the mountains. With a passion to explore undiscovered lands and a staunch belief in the goodness of people, this couple is out on an adventure of a lifetime. Their blog provides a detailed account of Himalayan treks, offbeat trips, vibrant festivals, as well as culture, heritage and architecture around the country. Amrita and Agni have together visited 19 states and UTs of India, so head to their blog and get travel suggestions from the experts themselves!

Read about their exciting journey to world's end here.

If you have a memorable travel experience, you too can create a blog on Tripoto and share your story with travellers around the world.

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