On the road to nowhere

28th Oct 2012

 Been a long time dreaming, planning, and going insane. The only thing to have me not declared insane? The dream. To ride on open highways exploring the vast and vibrant India. The inspiration? Che Guevara's "Motorcycle Diaries".

The jitters are setting in, the wait is getting too much. Just 3 more days to launch. No make that 2.5. Have rechecked the checklist atleast 5 times, packed and re-packed the bags. All the safety gear is set to be worn. Hmmm.. how do I kill time?

The aim? cover every inch of the Golden Quadrilateral. A minimum of 5846km of open asphalted road winding across 13 states on India. Can't wait to meet new faces, try new food, visit places, share a laugh(or a beer)...

Photo of On the road to nowhere 1/2 by shishir gowda

My La poderosa-II ready to roll, wife's (riding pillion) all set for the trip. Sridhar and his ride raring to go. But am I all ready? These pre-ride nerves are never easy. Need a shot of scotch..

Also a final bid of adieu to the loyal La poderosa-I, which never missed a beat in all the adventures across south India. Time to retire, and rest.

Photo of On the road to nowhere 2/2 by shishir gowda

I know "The mighty one - II" can last the distance and days (~18days). But will I? Shhh..time to recheck the map, the list, make the packing more efficient.....

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