Pelling - A Ghostly Affair


The Kachenjungha

Photo of Pelling, Sikkim, India by BObo Shambo

Pelling is truly nature’s paradise, a small hill station located in the west of Sikkim, Pelling is just breath taking and the landscapes are unbelievable. It has the best view of Kachenjangha range, visible at the most close quarters. Still not touched by human population it generally is empty and most of the tourist there is solo travellers and backpackers. The nearest airport is in Bagdogra and the near railway station in in New Jalpaiguri. There are regular buses and jeeps available from there. It takes around 3-4 hours depending on the traffic conditions.

I myself have never been much of a beach guy. The mountains have different kind of connection with me. The hot and sultry summer of Kolkata makes a good reason for the travellers to explore the small hill stations near to it. Pelling is best known for its handmade wine and the closest view of Mt. kanchengangha. I travelled there with my family. Pelling is divided into three parts- Upper pelling, Middle Pelling and Lower Pelling. Upper Pelling is generally filled with tourists, so the hotels as are located around this area. Middle and Lower Pelling consists of the market place and the local brewery shops. We booked a hotel in Upper Pelling. It was on the top of the hill and was supposed to give the best view of the range.

It was our third day there. We did a little bit of sight-seeing. We saw everything from the picturesque landscapes to the winding roads that cut down the mountains. But due to bad weather conditions we couldn’t get a view of the mountain range. We were all disappointed and we were making preparations to go back with broken hearts. Back then I was an insomniac. I read books all night or texted my friends to keep myself busy. My father never approved of that but he couldn't do anything to fix it. All these days like an eager soul I stared out of the window all day and night just to get a glimpse of the range. I saw nothing but layers of clouds playing around.

That night we were all sitting and merry making as it was the last night in Pelling. My uncle in a conversation stated that he had a feeling that we might get lucky. The best time to get a glimpse of the beautiful range was early in the morning. As I stay awake all night he asked me to keep a check and let him know if the range was visible. We all had dinner and went to bed early as we had to leave early morning. I couldn't sleep, I sat in one corner staring on my phone screen with a broken heart and a hope that may be uncle was right. May be we will get lucky. I was a little bit intoxicated by the wine that I had the previous night. I dreamt of how beautiful it would have been if we got a view of the mighty range. I had no clue of the time. I went deep it to a trance. I could feel the happiness. I could feel the chill in my bones. The smell of the fresh air tickled my nostrils.

I was suddenly startled by a sudden knock at the door. I heard someone call out my name. It sounded like uncle. It was so clear and loud that it even woke up my mom. I got up, opened the door. I stood there like a stone. The corridor was deserted. There was no one only a gush of wind blew on my face. Moments later uncle opened the door and asked me a question by which I was completely taken aback.

Did you call me?

I stood there shocked. I couldn't say anything. My throat was dry and I couldn't speak. My mom came and answered to his question.

No, he did not. We heard you calling him.

The clock struck three. Only the melody of my alarm echoed in the room. We just started at each other. We were perplexed and awestruck with no idea what just happened. The chilly wind blew through my spine. I had goose bumps all over my body. I went to the window and removed the curtains with a lot of effort.

The majestic Kanchenjungha shone like milk under the full moon light.