Places in India Where You Can Experience Optical illusion


If you're an avid traveller, you'd know what travelling is like - a roller-coaster ride, thrilling and an unforgettable journey, exactly! Our country has something to offer to every traveller: scenic landscapes, beaches, mountains, flora & fauna, adventure sports, luxury stays, historical monuments, a cultural treat... The experiences always leave you a little exhausted; because in every moment, there's so much to live.

If you think you've seen everything that's there to see, you can probably be wrong! This wonderful land is riddled with more unknown places and astonishing things that you can ever imagine! Full of surprises, every corner has something waiting to be unveiled!

This time, why not check out the places that offers you a thrilling experience with an optical illusion effect? Here's your list!

At an altitude of 11000 ft above sea level, Magnetic Hill is one of the best stopovers on the way to Leh. Popularly known to have magnetic power that can pull cars back even when the ignition is off, gives a thrilling experience, however, it's only an optical illusion in reality, caused by gravity hill! So, if you see a vehicle going uphill, it's actually going downhill.

Did you know Taj Mahal is one of the sites that offer an optical illusion? Well, hold on to that emotion! At the first glimpse when you enter the premise through the main gate, you will be surprised by the optical illusion that this majestic structure creates in front of your eyes. However, as you get closer, it seems like the monument shrinks in its size, while in reality, the towers lean outward to provide aesthetic balance to the monument.

Another interesting place to witness optical illusion is the Kavelshet Point in Maharashtra. Located in Amboli, this site offers breathtaking views of the reverse waterfall with an optical sound illusion. However, the illusion is formed by the wild winds and is definitely a must explore traveller's spot!

This is India's most interesting and stunning architecture dating 600 year old; 3 faced cow optical illusion carving at Lepakshi Temple. A perfect proof of ancient Indian carving techniques, this is a must visit to witness the miraculous hanging pillars and a cave chamber.

Tell us if you've experienced or know of such places that exist in India on Tripoto and let the community explore!