This Specially Abled Man Took a Solo Bike Ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 4 Days


If there is a will, there is a way. The quote is definitely true. Time and again, we see instances of the same.

Proving the same truth, Prasanna Kumar, a specially-abled man from Hyderabad, made everyone proud by driving from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in a solo trip, a 3,700 km distance, and that too in 4 days!


Photo of This Specially Abled Man Took a Solo Bike Ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 4 Days by Tanisha Mundra

How did the plans start, and what was the motivation behind them?

While having breakfast with a few friends were the others were discussing on K Kanyakumari to Kahmir Trip, Prasanna knew he couldn't join them as they had bigger bikes, and he had a Royal Enfield 2011 model bike.

Instead of feeling demotivated by the whole scenario, he decided to do the Kanyakumari to Kashmir trip solo and at his own pace to prove that the person matters, not the bike.

He contacted people who had completed this feat earlier and did not really think that he would be able to complete the 3700km it in just four and half days. He started from Kanyakumari to Bangalore to Hyderabad to Jhansi to Delhi to Gulmarg and felt amazing after completing the ride as he had gone through many hurdles during the ride. His bike caused trouble, had to face heavy traffic and also faced a shortage of food as many restaurants were closed on the Highway due to Holi festivities.

Prasanna Kumar said, "At the age of 29, I feel that the boundaries of age are not a boundary for doing any challenging things. I would like to tell all to believe in themselves. Many people think that travelling is very tough. It is not. You just have to believe in yourself. Try, try until you succeed. Do not get depressed, keep chasing your dreams, it will happen someday. From a point where I thought that everything is impossible for me, I do a lot of things including riding today."

Who is Prasanna Kumar?

A resident of Hyderabad, Prasanna represents the Tashan biker club in Hyderabad as its brand ambassador. He also owns a professional wedding studio. Along with being a photographer, he is also an accomplished horse rider and loves the gym. Prasanna also appeared in the Varun Tej film Supreme.

In an accident, Prasanna was hit by a Jeep and lost his right leg, while he was on his way to apply for his student visa to pursue a master's in New Zealand. In anguish, he was slipping into depression and decided to join a gym to channel his anger and frustration. He felt motivated, opted for a prosthetic leg, and decided to get his life back on a positive note.

Did Prasanna's story motivate you to let go of the fears and do the next thing in your bucket list?

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