Ride Pride and honour- Rider Mania 2017

17th Nov 2017

Royal Enfield as I always say "It's not a bike it's an emotion"

It all started with my friend booking tickets to RM'17 and asking me to do the same. Me being such a ride enthusiast within fraction of seconds I said " Let's thump the road of Goa "

And there we were all geared up to ride about 400km in a day, such an excitement, adrenaline rush is what I can say. Our first stop was supposed to be for a breakfast and then to saddle up again to reach "Nippani".

After having our lunch we were on the way to the most beautiful and breathtaking road of our ride, it was passing through "Amboli Ghat".

Something about mountain I always feel that they are so calm standing tall, serving everyone, enchanting everyone with their beauty.

John Ruskin has rightly said

"Mountains are the beginning and end of all the natural scenery."

Riding hell no!! I can say we were literally whirling our tyres around the heavenly beauty of Amboli Ghat. At very start of my every journey where mountains are involved I make sure I bow down and acknowledge the lust for wandering they have arose in to me.

We encountered with a small accident and our fellow rider was injured but he was lying their and mocking everyone, that gave goosebumps and I was astonished by the charisma and relieved how all riders gathered and offer a help, we all need such courage and gratitude within us and that's what Royal Enfield stands for; slowly gearing up now we reached "Sawantwadi" to have a cup of tea and here I meet my fellow drink lover, oh no no!! Not tea it's beloved Old Monk rum and sipping it through my hipflask we became friends.

Now rolling through the last part of our day we reached Goa and I called it a day off sipping my drink to get ready for Rider Mania'17

Thumping our bulls we reached the arena at HillTop Vagator Beach, now this is what I call a grand celebration 5k+ RE's thumping the arena and again the adrenaline rush, riders from all round the country joining in for the jamboree.

And we entered the arena with all that pride in my heart, about to sip my first sip of drink and walking down the arena to witness competition such as Beer drinking(in itself sounds fun) followed by Arm Wresting and more to my interest women participating and enjoying every single bit; and then here I was thinking why travelling is such a experience brings the unexplored you. As I always say there is no need to explore the place the place will explore you ????

And then walking down to Maze chase arena to witness the control of bikers having on their bikes, climbing through ice passing to mud slush, cornering at tyre pit and then after passing few more obstacles, seeing the finish line with glory; what a moment!!

And on the other side people getting ready for dirt racing an event to witness!!

Win or lose, I'll feel good about myself. That's what is important- Mary Docter

Winner taking the pride and others showing the spirit to play and this brings us to the most awaited event!! The stage was set and the crowd was already dancing to the tune!

And it brings to the end of Day 1 just to wake up to pleasurable Day 2!

Not much to say about this day or about Rider Mania, I had kept this day to myself to sit back relax and relish Goa. This beautiful restaurant is on Ashwem beach in Goa was just an appropriate place I was looking to ease of myself! I was preparing myself for ride which was going to take place on Day3, starting from HillTop Vagator all the way to South Goa- Fort called as Early Risers by RE.

Glimpse of beautiful Lamore Cottages!

Photo of Ride Pride and honour- Rider Mania 2017 1/3 by The Gallivanter

Day 3:

It all started with by waking up at 5:30 am in the morning, this came as a surprise to me that isn't it too early for me to wake up and that too in Goa?? and here the rider inside me said brother it is because of my motivation so stop taking that credit and saddle up!

And there we were starting our ride at 7:00 am in the morning and we were about to traverse through a scenic coastal routes which is consider one of the best route for Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Starting from Vagator- Margoa-Betul-Cabo De Rama fort

Now all the riders lining up and following signal line, something to admire about us is the discipline which we behold, enough of my self appreciation. Very first stop was a Uduppi Restaurant in Margao approx 50Km from Vagator to refresh ourselves, we had our breakfast and ample amount of rest to steer to our destination!

Thumping the route we reached Cabo De Rama fort and a group photo was a mandatory, as I always say "Capture the nature with your eyes and flash it back with the camera"

Photo of Ride Pride and honour- Rider Mania 2017 2/3 by The GallivanterI was so astounded by the scenic beauty possessed by this place, will be uploading pictures on my instagram handle. South Goa will always be closer to my heart, such a soulful place.

Driving back from Fort just to see the unveiling of the all new #RoyalEnfieldTwins by Siddhartha Lal and Rudratej Singh, followed by electrifying performances of Benny Dayal, When chai meets toast and The Local Train.

The night was made lively and interesting by our rider group Kings Royal Riders Pune, so much of energy, enthusiasm, love and spirit to ride for and passion and for Royal Enfield.

I would hereby like to rest my pen and open the floor for your guys to comment and share your experience

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Photo of Ride Pride and honour- Rider Mania 2017 3/3 by The Gallivanter