Riding the World in a Saree: Pune Woman's Epic Journey to Promote Maharashtrian Culture


Travelling the world is a dream for many people, and some go to great lengths to make it happen. But what if I told you that one woman from Pune is taking things to a whole new level? This travel enthusiast, is all set to embark on an epic journey across the globe, all while wearing a traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree.

Rambai's mission

Ramabai Latpate, an entrepreneur and pilot from Pune, is no ordinary woman. She is on a mission to ride solo on her superbike across 40 countries, covering around 80,000 km, wearing a Maharashtrian nauvari saree. Her journey began on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2023, from the Gateway of India in Mumbai. From Mumbai to Delhi, her superbike will be airlifted to Australia, where the real challenge begins. She will ride from Perth to Sydney, covering a distance of about 1,600 km, with no proper human dwellings and no mobile connectivity. During this journey, Ramabai will be on her own, camping in the wild all by herself.

The plan is to go from Australia to New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, the USA, Canada, England, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and then back to Mumbai on 8th March 2024.

Rambai's inspiration

Ramabai Lapte was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at the G20 summit, where he spoke about the extraordinary achievements of women in India. In her words "I love being referred to as Bharat ki Beti who is on her mission, a solo bike ride through 12 countries of G20, plus 30 other countries, a total of around 40 countries through 6 continents.”

Ramabai is not afraid of riding alone or facing harsh weather conditions riding through tough terrains, high mountains, and snow-covered gravel roads.

A crowdfund for Rambai

However, the expenditure for this 365-day-long solo bike ride is likely to exceed over a crore. Ramabai has already spent all her savings and sold her SUV and gold jewellery for the initial expenditure. As the total expenditure is likely to cross, Ramabai has appealed for crowdfunding of Rs 1 per person. She has approached elected representatives as well as business communities, and Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde as well as State Minister Girish Mahajan have encouraged Ramabai for her extraordinary solo bike ride and have also handed over one rupee each for this Herculean endeavour.

An inspiration for many

Ramabai's journey is not just about her love for adventure; it's also about promoting Maharashtrian culture and empowering women to chase their dreams. She wants to inspire other women to break stereotypes and achieve their goals. Ramabai's journey is an inspiration to all of us, and we wish her all the luck and success on this epic journey.

As she travels from country to country, she plans to wear the Nauvari saree and promote it as a symbol of Maharashtra's rich cultural heritage. The Nauvari saree is a nine-yard saree that is draped in a unique way, unlike other sarees. It has been a part of Maharashtra's cultural heritage for centuries, and she is proud to represent her roots through her travels. Her journey is not just about visiting new places and ticking off items on her bucket list, but also about showcasing the beauty of her culture to the world.

It's not every day that you come across someone who is so passionate about their culture and traditions, and it's refreshing to see someone take on such a unique challenge. She is an inspiration to us all, and we can't wait to see what she accomplishes on her journey.

If you're looking for inspiration to pursue your own travel dreams, look no further than Rambai and her incredible journey. Follow her on social media and join me in wishing her all the best on this exciting adventure!

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