Solo Trip to North Kerala

1st Dec 2017

Solo Trip to North Kerala

Hello friends, today i'll be sharing you my experience of solo trip to North Kerala, This trip was from Bangalore. I attended my cousin's wedding in Bangalore and have to start for the train on the same evening after the marriage. I planned this trip with my friend and unfortunately he couldn't make it as he had the interview in those days.

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala 1/1 by Abhishek Sura
ISKCON Temple, Bangalore
Day 1

So, on friday evening, I visited the ISKCON temple in Bangalore and started to Bangalore Railway Station for the Kannur Express, my plan was to visit Bekal Fort and then I thought of going on bike to Calicut for the sunset and start to pallakad on the night.

Photo of Bangalore, Karnataka, India by Abhishek Sura
Day 2

Things doesn't happen as we think same with me. So I got down at Kasaragod Railway Station along with my bag and headed to the bus station. From there I boarded the bus to Bekal Fort.

The first sight of sea and it was so close to the road

Photo of Kasaragod, Kerala, India by Abhishek Sura

I got down in the busstop and it was just a 5min walk to the fort. I bought the entry ticket for the fort which is Rs 15/- and I explored the fort. The view from the fort was so amazing, there were mountains on the backside far away, and on the other 3 sides

Photo of Bekal Fort, Bekal, Kerala, India by Abhishek Sura

The fort was so huge and it took me almost 45min to explore and got the view which was there in pics of google after searching it for 30min.

After the fort is done Ive seen the path from the top of the fort to the beach, there was a small trail just beside the fort and that trail will take us to beach. When i gone there through the trees and again the view from the bushes to beach was just like a scene in Jurassic Park.There were no one at the beach and the security is not allowing us to touch the water as the water in the sea has the current in it and people are not allowed to go near the sea.

Then i boarded the bus to Kanhagad and reached Kanhagad railway station to catch the train to Calicut to witness the sunset form the sea. I boarded the train and reached Calicut in the evening at around 4:30 PM.

Photo of Calicut, Kerala, India by Abhishek Sura

From there i just started to Kapad Beach in bus to see the place where vasco da gama has first landed in India.I got down the bus and saw the merorial of vasco da gama. Its like a tribute to him, as he came all the way in sea along with his troop to India in sea in 1498.

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura

I was walking all along the beach in the evening here and there and was chilling out by eating ice creams and it was a pleasant evening at the beach.

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura
Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura

Sunset was not that clear but the weather made it so beautiful.

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura

After such a peaceful evening, i had to start back to Kasaragod, as i booked my train ticket to Palakkad. Though the same train reaches to Calicut i thought to going back as the train comes in the midnight 2:00 AM to Calicut, so i thought, if i go back to to Kasaragod, i can atleast sleep in the train for 6hrs. So i boarded the bus to Varakada and finished my dinner and got into some express train to Mumbai in general compartment.

I reached Kasagod at around 9:30 PM and the train which i have to board should arrive at 10:40PM. The time was 11:00 PM and still no announcement of train, though the train starts from Mangalore and the stop which i was waiting was the 1st stop after the mangalore the train was late. I enquired and go to know that it hasn't started from Mangalore. Later they announced that the train is late by 3hrs. Oh my god, i was waiting in the station till 2:00 AM in the night then came the train and i boarded and plan was like reach palakkad by 5:30 AM and should cover the Malampuzha Dam and the Kava island.

Day 3

I got up at 6:00 AM, the train stopped in a station and i checked the time table for the train, according to that the train will reach at 8:30 AM to Palakkad. I thought that if i could get up atleast 30min before, i could brush and freshup. So i put the alarm at 8:00 AM and slept. The alarm rang and i started brushing, then suddenly train stopped in the station, i've checked the name and it was Palakkad and i rushed to seat and packed all my thing and got down in hurry. Later i freshed up in the waiting room in the station and to my bad luck my phone has no signal.

Already I was late by 3hrs, i dont know the language, now even my signal in phone was not there and maps were not working. So somehow i managed to reach the Malampuzha Dam.

Photo of Malampuzha Dam, Kerala by Abhishek Sura

When i've gone top of the dam, there were 3 mountains and the clouds behind that mountains made them look like snow mountains.

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura
Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura

The time was already 11:00 AM and i got train to Hyderabad from Coimbatore at 3:00 PM in the afternoon. So, I didn't find the time to go Kava Island, as i don't know how much it takes to there and come back and my phone signal is not there.

So I decided to skip that and boarded the train to Coimbatore in Palakkad.

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura

I reached coimbatore railway station at around 2:15 PM

Photo of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India by Abhishek Sura

I've finished my lunch and boarded the Kongu Express train to Hyderabad.

Sunset from the train near Salem

Photo of Solo Trip to North Kerala by Abhishek Sura