Hilarious Relatable Questions Travellers Have Asked On Quora!


We've always been taught that no question is stupid, and that we should ask away without thinking too much. I couldn't agree more, it's always best to clarify a doubt by voicing it rather than being in the dark forever. I recently scouted Quora to check the kind of travel questions people have, but I was soon laughing out loud at the things we all are guilty of thinking about but never had the guts to ask ask. Here are the funniest questions about travel that I found; have a look and tell me how many times you've thought on the same lines.

What is it like to travel sitting next to a celebrity?

Living in a world that is obsessed with celebrities and their lives, this was a question that HAD to be there. When I was 8 years old, I found myself cycling next to Hrithik Roshan's car when he was shooting for Koi Mil Gaya in Nainital. Kind of the same thing, right? Tell me in the comment section if you've actually travelled with a celebrity!

Why do people no longer dress nicely when traveling, and do you dress yourself nicely when traveling?

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Hey, we can dress in our pyjamas or be clad head-to-toe in Decathlon for days on end, what's it to you? As long as we are heading for a trip, what we're wearing shouldn't matter in the least.

How can I travel when I have no money?

Well, well, haven't we all thought of this when we're scrolling through Instagram and come across people who just haven't stopped travelling? This is definitely the most-asked question that comes to our mind every day.

If an airline is minutes from crashing and a passenger writes a note to a loved one, where could they put the note so it survives the crash?

There are a few travellers who just won't leave one thing behind even if they're travelling alone -- their anxiety. This question is definitely something that you will relate to if every time you board a plane, you can't help but imagine an airplane crash and think abut how you will save your life.

Why do people from India get up from their seats as soon as the plane lands?

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I'll give you a million bucks if you can decode the mystery! It's not like the plane is going to fly away without you de-boarding, we Indians really need to be a little patient.

How does it feel like to be born in a rich family and be able to travel worldwide?

Will all of you who seem to be on a world tour, dining at fancy restaurants and wearing the best clothes please just tell us about all the privileges you enjoy? No, really, give us a behind-the-scenes to your perfect life.

Why do people wish you a safe flight when you have no control over the flight?

That's quite a thought provoking one, isn't it? But I guess it's better it to send a positive wish into a world rather than a negative one.

Have you ever had a kid behind you on an airplane kicking the seat the entire flight?

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Expectation of travelling in a plane: Meeting the love of your life

Reality: Meeting an annoying kid who kicks your seat and cries the entire way

Why do Western travellers/tourists always carry overly huge backpacks even in the cities? Are they showing off that they're very strong?

Of course they are just showing off! Backpacks obviously don't have any utility value.

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