Tri-state Solo Ride

14th Feb 2020
Photo of Tri-state Solo Ride by Iamdeepakdeepu
Day 1


Started from home Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh at around 6 'O clock in the morning with complete foggy weather. My initial thoughts were almost on high that I can reach my place on time and have good stay over that night with beautiful natural scenes. But to my very bad surprise the NH-26  showed me hell kind of stuff with lot of very deep potholes. Literally reached Salur , AP @ 7:15 AM and had my 1st stop for the breakfast (One should always note that before hitting ghat roads we should fill our stomach with least of food because the more stressed roads will make your head wobble in the corners with empty stomach). Started again after my 20 minutes of stop towards the Odisha Border (2nd State in my Tri-state). As usual knowing the roads of frequently visiting of some interior places in Odisha. I didn't find any problem to cross the ghat. Nothing interesting in the hard sun kissed roads in Odisha. Getting near to Chattisgarh border I've alot of problem with the very old bad roads converting into 4 lane I think. Literally dust killed my sight from the helmet (often stopping for cleaning the visor).
Anyways I've made into Chattisgarh @12:30 and searching the route from Jagdalpur towards my very 1st Natural Heritage sight - TIRATHGARH WATERFALLS.


Photo of Vizianagaram by Iamdeepakdeepu

Reached TIRATHGARH WF @1:30 after having some lunch in the near by Dhaba after crossing Jagadalpur city. The road towards Waterfall is very narrow and through thick forest crossing the Forest Department and BSF Check Posts. We should buy a permission ticket at the checkpost. I missed buying it there and entered the Waterfall area then there is another check post who asked about the ticket and I said I didn't take. So they asked my vehicle details and issued a ticket by taking ₹10. I parked my bike and entered into a park kind of area which leads to the waterfall by walk. I stepped down atleast 100 ft from the top for viewing the waterfall. It was a crazy sight, the waterfall is falling through natural steps made by the flow. Locals said that in rainy season this waterfall can't be viewed from near because of heavy water flow . I took some photos and videos of the waterfall and felt happy by spending an hour over there. I stepped back again to the top. It's hell of a thing with many monkeys trying steal our food by searching our bags and bottled beverages. At last I reached top and bought a drink to hydrate myself. Reached my  bike and planning to reach my next destination Chitrakoot Waterfalls in Chattisgarh.


Photo of Tirathgarh Waterfall by Iamdeepakdeepu


Photo of Tirathgarh Waterfall by Iamdeepakdeepu


I started again thinking of to stay the night in Chitrakoot. I reached to the INDIAN NIAGARA @4:30 PM. I firstly enquired about rooms their prices etc. But to my bad luck I didn't find any rooms and I had to change my plans ASAP. I have enjoyed the view of Chitrakoot Waterfall from the top and from the bottom (had a beautiful boat ride). I have rented a boat for myself solo with 2 boatmen to see the Waterfall through the waters. The sight was amazing with sunset rays falling on the waterfall making it so beautiful to see without turning our eyes. Taken some photos and done my 1st vlog describing the waterfall sitting on the boat. After completing the boat ride I reached the top and started towards RAIPUR.


Photo of Chitrakoot by Iamdeepakdeepu


Photo of Chitrakoot by Iamdeepakdeepu


Photo of Chitrakoot by Iamdeepakdeepu


Photo of Chitrakoot by Iamdeepakdeepu

I started towards RAIPUR from Bastar, Chattisgarh @ 6 PM. I don't know how the roads will be but I started. After riding 1 hr I missed a road which takes me to Raipur. WTF, I again turned back around 10 Kms to take the diversion suggested by GOOGLE MAPS. The roads empty with no lights around. The roads are single lane with lot of potholes. I didn't find any bike commuters on the road. Literally my mind has number of questions inside me. So many forests, ghats with no roads, the government is just fucked up in that area. I thought that was my last day of life because there are no people around and with very roads. Iam doing around 35 km speed per hour. This doesn't make any sense right. I will kill this 1st day with the ending at ease. Struggled, teased by roads, ate dust, bumps, holes, water corssings, hunger  and reached RAIPUR @12:30 AM in the MidNight to my realtives house. Never trust Chattisgarh roads. You will find your way bad. As a experienced rider I faced many roads but not like this one. 🙏 I don't know whether I was driving in the highway or in the paddy fields or in the drainage. The roads killed my shoulders enough at that hectic 6 hours - 125 Kms😫 . Will be back with a excited 2nd day of the TRI-STATE SOLO RIDE.

18 Hours 30 Minutes Journey on the 1st Day covering Approx 400 Kms crossing 3 State Borders, 2 Waterfalls in a single day on DOMINAR 400.

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