What is your travel style??


We, the travel community, often refer to our journey as a trip, travel, tour, expedition, voyage and so forth. However the word we use to describe our journey, shows our travel style. When you visit any new place for leisure we are either a tourist at the place or a traveler. For someone outside the community, it would all seem the same. But if you see a tourist prefers luxury and comfort over experiences.

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I am a travelers who often need a company when travelling, even if its just one person. I have tried and understood that solo travelling is not my thing. So as i travel with group of friends, I have noticed a pattern among each persons travel style. Some in the group will ask me to book everything in advance, from rooms to cabs. While some are carefree and say we'll take the journey as it comes, no prior booking nothing.

This will give you a preliminary understanding of what each ones is looking to get out of this journey. It could be a getaway to relax from the mundane work life for some, for others if could be to explore new place, culture, cuisine, etc and some are just in it to be away from home and drink till they drop.

Kindly read the article ahead to avoid being in a wrong group that can spoil the fun of any journey. People with different travel style on the same journey can often led to conflict of interest and keep you away from the sole purpose of why you are taking this journey at the first place. You can pick and choose your travel companions wisely to get a better experience of any journey.

When visiting a temple town or World heritage sights (Hampi, Gokarna, Aurangabad, etc):

As a traveler I am in search of different experiences when travelling. Tired of home-work-home cycle we can travel for refreshment. This could be a nearby temple town with a lot of culture heritage attached to it, or a sight identified as world heritage.

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When visiting such places, you are trying to understand the history and culture attached to such place. Comfortable hotels would be the last thing on your mind when searching for a room. A decent hotel which is at a location well connected to all the major attractions will work for us. It should be understood that such place of visit will have minimal nightlife. So someone who is more inclined towards parties and nightlife could be best avoided. Luxury travel or a budget trip is something you can opt for as per your preference.

When visiting a party destination(Goa, Thailand, etc.):

You have heard a lot about the vibrant nightlife of this place. All you want to gain on this journey is to experience this hype to the fullest. This could sometimes find you in intimidating locations at the wee hours of the day. Now people who are very much concerned about safety and want to be in the rooms post 10 pm, should be a strict no no on such trips.

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Guys who are ready for a whole night out should be the ideal choice here. Now there are non alcoholic drinkers, who can spoil the fun of the trip to some extend. If majority of the folks are non drinkers, it will surely be a let down.

When on a road trip(Mumbai-Pune, Chennai-Ooty):

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Its and added advantage if a couple of them know to ride a car. The group should be ready to face some uncomfortable seating positions and not crib about it. With experience I have seen friends who cannot adjust without AC for even a minute. This at times can be irritating. Eating at places not that fancy should be other thing that should be considering.

When on a trek(Kheerganga trek, triund trek):

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You have a list of famous treks on your bucket-list. You have to take every bit of adventure on this journey. Luxurious stay and 5-star customer server should be the last thing on your trip here. Choose your gang wisely. A bit conditioned folks who can at least complete the trek. First time trekkers can be a burden.

So the point i wanted to make here was if your ideology of a journey is to take a trip, you will have a conflicting interest with a friend who is a tourist of sort. Now some would say that a group comprises of mixture, people with all sorts of opinions. I surely agree to this, but at the very core everyone has a travel style of there on. The way you pack your bags when traveling, surely is a give-away about your choice of travel style. If your groups style matches, you will enjoy the trip to the fullest, else you or someone has to compromise for sure.