Astro Tourism gets a fresh new boost in Ladakh


India is a well known hub for all nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and star gazers. Catering to the keen interests of all star gazers, The UT administration, LAHDC Leh and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, came together to establish India's first ever dark space reserve.

Photo of Astro Tourism gets a fresh new boost in Ladakh by Sakshi kulkarni

After a lot of deliberations regarding the best fitted location for India's first step, the three members decided on Hanle.

Hanle is located in the well known, Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary in Ladakh. The main reason for choosing Hanle is that it is located in the cold dry desert region of Ladakh, offering a very favorable geographical location as well as the much needed cold dry winds for a vibrant experience of stargazing.

The main target of the first Dark Sky Reserve, is not only to boost Astro tourism, which it will, no doubt, but also to help develop a scientific temperament among citizens of this country.

The Hanle dark sky reserve will cover a large area with a span of 22km as its radius. Hanle already has an observatory complex owing to its awe inspiring height and overall geographic presence.

This place, will soon become a must go to, on every star gazers itinerary

What are your favorite Astro spots in India?

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