Jerusalem - Holy city for Jews, Muslims and Christians

28th Dec 2018
Day 1

Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world situated in the Middle East and located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between Mediterranean and Dead sea.

This city is an incredible blend of religions and cultures.

Jerusalem is center for Christians, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Lets take me to walk through the streets where history was created.

Attractions :

1. Western wall

Known as HaKotel in Hebrew and wailing wall / western wall in English is most known attraction to visit in Jerusalem. It is believed that this wall is connected directly to heaven and people who visit this place inserts a small piece of paper with prayer/wish written within it in the cracks between the wall stones.

The prayers are buried in a special cemetery later and re kept confidential.

2. Church of holy sepulcher

Church is located in Christian Quarter of old city of Jerusalem and is a major pilgrimage destination for Christians. It was built on sight of crucifixion of Jesus and is believed to contain the slab of rock where he was laid to rest.

3. Tunnels in city of David

Believed to be place of Jerusalem foundation, its a collection of archeological wonders.

Hezekiah's tunnels which were used as source of water in ancient times are now open for public to take a walk.

4. Dome of rock mosque

Located in Mount temple, this archeological gem is 3rd most important Muslim sight and is 1000 plus years old