Road Trip From Manali To Leh

1st Jun 2018

Have you ever imagined spending the time with your loved once without any type of social media interaction! Or have you choose your comfort over traveling then a road trip is the best option for you. As it is your car or bike, you can wear anything that gives comfort regardless of worrying about what to wear. Moreover, one of the all times favorite road trips is considered the road trip from Manali to Leh.

The Manali-Leh highway comprises of great natural beauty. If you want to hear the singing voice of birds, trees' whispering, sunset and hills then don’t miss the chance to have a road trip from Manali to Leh. Here, in this article, we have hitched some of the musts to-do lists while traveling the Manali-Leh highway.

Things must be carried

The proper research is required before going to any of the road trips. No doubt that the Manali-Leh highway is the most beautiful nature soul on earth but the other hand it is also most adventurous. As to 456 km, there's no petrol station and hence, precaution should be taken.

Moreover, tanks are must be taken as staying in a tank overnight is the best moment of the road trip. Safety kit is just as health is one's priority overall. Make sure that your vehicle is strong enough to go through Indian roads. Carrying various entertainment sources as you are planning a long time for a road trip and it would be boring without entertainment sources.

Last but not the least, many areas have network issues and hence, relying on the just Google maps is not a good idea. Keep some of the physical maps of your location. Some of the most essential things include a flashlight or keep the extra torch, the road helpline numbers, and to give your foot a relaxation must keep the foot pump.

The road trip on this highway will not that easy as it consists of high altitude issues. You may suffer from headaches, dizziness or nausea. If you not-feel-well to drive further than stop the car at the nearby stopping point and have some break over there. Moreover, to stop such uneasiness, drink a lot of water from the starting of a road trip as it would keep you hydrated.

Oxygen becomes the essentiality at such high altitude and hence, at the Pang, the army camp provides the free oxygen facilities. Moreover, keep the body lotions and lip balms with you as the sunlight can be hilarious at such high altitudes.

Places must be visited

Without visiting the following places you wouldn’t be able to celebrate the Manali-Leh road trip.

1. Sarchu

Sarchu is 222 km always from Manali and it’s considered the best night halt for Manali-Leh road trip. You have to follow more of the legality at this point as it is considered the second checkpoint where you have to register your name and then only the police will allow for this highway trip.

This would be the middle point of your road-trip. Moreover, there’re various halts for food and beverages as well.

2. Suraj Tal

This point is also known as the Suryatal and it ranks among the second-highest lakes in India. At this halt, you may find the crystal clear water and frozen during winter.

3. Jispa

If you are planning the 2 days Manali-Leh road trip then Jispa is the best halt option for you. You need to book the accommodation place at Jispa in advance as it consists of limited options. It is the small village on the bank of Bhanga River and you can also have born-fire at night that is considered one of the best moments of a road trip.

4. Keylong

Keylong is considered the best town to visit during the Manali-Leh road trip. It consists of the best accommodation options and food as well as beverages are available out-there.

5. Rohtang Pass

This point remains closed for more than six months due to heavy snowfall in winters. If you want the thrilling adventure then this is the best option of you as it is a known fact that many of the people have died on this point. It is okay if you feel a headache by reaching this point as it is at a high altitude.

Bottom line

Just drive safely and enjoy the most beautiful Manali-Leh road trip. Hence, the above was the information about the must to do things while Manali-Leh road trip.