7 reasons why I and my sister love to travel with our Dad


I inherited my “wanderlust” (DRD4-7R) genes from my father. I vividly recall how, when we were small, we saw our father very little due of his work, which required him to travel frequently.

So here are 7 reasons why I and my sister love to travel with our Dad.

Photo of 7 reasons why I and my sister love to travel with our Dad by Dr Sheetal

1. He knows how to have good time

If you ask any of his friends about him, they will probably all reply that he knows how to enjoy life. When travelling, he always knows how to unwind and have fun.

2. He loves to try new things

It comes as no surprise that my dad enjoys trying new things because he is an adventurous and open-minded person. In fact, when we give him information about a new restaurant or place we want to visit he replies "Let's do it,"

3. He is aware of when to let things flow.

It's crucial to learn how to adapt because, as we all know, travelling rarely goes as planned. In this, my father is fairly skilled. I made him go to the Mysore zoo while we were there and we had planned to choose a battery-operated car to view the animals, but sadly all of the vehicles were reserved. So, at the age of 75, he walked around the zoo for three hours.

Photo of 7 reasons why I and my sister love to travel with our Dad by Dr Sheetal

4. He doesn't make demands

Our father enjoys staying at opulent hotels and dining at fine establishments where he can typically find anything he would desire or require. However, when we went to Mangalure unprepared, we were unable to reserve a lux hotel, so he remained at a modest hotel with no restaurant facilities.

5. He's inquisitive

Traveling allows you to explore any lingering questions you may have about the world, which is one of its many benefits. My dad recognizes this as a naturally curious person. He enjoys exploring a subject further by posing inquiries and digging further to learn more about a location or population.

6. He has patience.

My sister is that obnoxious person who likes to take pictures every 5 minutes or so, if she is travelling with someone and she want to be in the photo, it's up to her fortunate travel companion to get the correct angle. My dad is nearly always the patient one, at least when it comes to snapping pictures, whilst the other person usually becomes frustrated and irritated.

7. He makes an excellent travelling buddy

Without grumbling about the food, the weather, or anything else, he travelled 1500 miles on the road with me while I was collecting plant species for my research. He does this because he understands the value of travel experiences. Like they say, “Have stories to tell not stuff to show” my dad gets that.