How to Plan the Perfect One Day Trip from Bengaluru to Mysore

Photo of Mysuru, Mysore Division by Raviteja

One day trip from Bengaluru to Mysore are particularly well-liked among tourists. Mysore, sometimes called the cultural centre of Karnataka, is known for its rich history and beautiful architecture. A quick trip by train or vehicle may be made to the city, which is about 140 km from Bengaluru.

To avoid traffic and arrive in Mysore by 9 am, I made the decision to start our trip at 3 am on a bike. The trip was smooth and enjoyable due to the fresh breeze and empty highways.

The St. Philomena's Cathedral church was our first stop in Mysore. The church, which is among the biggest in India, is a stunning example of neo-Gothic architecture. We were in awe of the high spires and the intricate carvings on the walls. Before continuing to our next stop, we took in the beauty of the church.

Our next stop was the well-known Mysore restaurant Hotel Vinayaka Mylari. We couldn't wait to try the dosas and idlis, which the restaurant is famous for serving. Both the chutney and the dosas were excellent. We were satisfied with breakfast restaurant we picked.

We then made our way to the Mysore market to purchase some Mysorepakam, a well-known sweet made in Mysore. We enjoyed browsing the shops selling a variety of goods, including silk sarees and handicrafts, in the crowded market.

We visited the birds centre, which is outside of the city. The centre is home to a large variety of birds and is a bird watcher's paradise. We were fortunate to see some uncommon species, and we spent some time watching and photographing the birds.

Finally, we headed to the city's most recognisable landmark, the Mysore palace. It is stunning to see the palace, which is a lovely merger of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The Mysore royal family has lived in the palace since its construction in the 14th century. The palace was open for a guided tour during which we discovered its significance and history.

We were exhausted but content with our trip as the day ended. We visited all the main attractions in Mysore in a single day and did enjoy ourselves. With memories we will treasure forever, we rode back to Bengaluru. A day trip to Mysore is the ideal way to escape the chaos of the city and discover the rich cultural and historical legacy of Karnataka.