Mysore - The City of silk, Palace, sandalwood. Impact of Dussahera on tourism at this city

2nd Feb 2019
Day 1

We started our journey from Bangalore's satellite bus Stop to Mysore , our trip was for 3 days , early in the morning on bus. I was much excited, passionate, adventure for the trip that was nature,fun. After travelling for 3hr 30min.We were welcomed by a board which said 'Welcome to Ramanagara(Mysore). On the way we stopped at a point to have your breakfast at a very beautiful outdoor restaurant named Kamat Upachar - Maddur.The food quality here is decent.Service is best and fast.Ample car parking lot. Then again started our journey to our destination. We stayed at hotel named Carlson Country Inns and Suites. Our first spot was Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace. It is an example of Indo- Islamic architecture. This place now offer scenic grounds and a small historical exhibit maintained by Karnataka government. The structure was built entirely with teak wood and stands adorned with pillars,arches, balconies. It's has single storey palace , it's believed that Tipu Sultan used to conduct his court from eastern and Western balconies of the upper floor.The room in ground floor have been converted into a small museum showcasing various achievement of Ruler and his administration.The horticulture department of government of Karnataka maintains the area in front of the palace as a garden and lawn. After strolling for 45 -55 minutes ,we went back to bus for next stop journey i.e Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple,Srirangam.It is devoted to Lord Vishnu. It's is one of the most important of the 108 main Vishnu temples of the world.Its lies on the islet formed by the twin river Kaveri and Coleroon. After an hour of discovering and experiencing the rich history of the temple,we went back to bus for our lunch at palace converted into a restaurant . From there we went to our 3rd stop journey.Our 3rd stop was Kokkare Bellur Bird Centre at 1st day evening.It is located in Mandya district of Karnataka. This village is famous for sugarcane fields,cranes,large colonies of painted storks,spot-billed Pelicans nesting within the village. After strolling for half an hour here,we went back on bus to our hotel.

Day 2

Our 4th stop was Chamundi Hills , we were welcomed by a big statue of Mahishasura , where the town got its name. There situated a temple on the name of Goddess Chamundeshwari . It's of 1200 century Temple. It is located at 13 km East of Mysore. Here a climber is rewarded with a panoramic view of the city. The view is just breath taking and beautiful , in short no words to describe it . On the way we saw a huge statue of Nandi(15*24 ft), the vahana of Lord Shiva . After experiencing the rich history, we went back to the bus for our next stop. Our 5th stop was St.Philomena's Church . It is a Catholic Church i.e the cathedral of the Diocese of Mysore. It is over 200 years ago. It is one of the tallest church of Asia. It is built in Gothic style. There is an exquisite marble altar on which the statue of St.Philomena is placed. It is located at a distance of 3km from city bus stop and 2km from palace. After exploring it's rich culture, we went back to our bus for our next stop i.e Mysore Palace. The view was majestic. It's the second most visited place in India after Taj Mahal. It is also called as Amba Vilasa Palace . It is located in middle of the city. It's architectural style of domes of the palace is commonly described as Indo-Saracenic and blends Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles. It is a three-story stone structure with marble domes and a 145 ft five-story tower. The palace is surrounded by a large garden. Palace light illumination on Sundays and all public holidays between 19 and 19:45.Sound and light programs are arranged on all days between 7 and 7:45, except on Sundays and public holidays.The scenes of every detail in and around the palace attract one's attention.Camera wasn't allowed inside . Otherwise I would clicked some great pictures of the palace what it looked like from inside . The inside view was just awesome, the decor , furniture was just marvellous. After strolling for 1-2½ hours , experiencing the rich history, culture, traditions . We stayed at nearby Lodge and ate the famous Mysore Paak , the famous sweet of the city and took rest till evening so that we could had a view of illuminated view of the palace. After that we headed to the next 6th stop i.e Bridavan Garden . It's located next to KR Dam . It is world famous for it's symmetrical and maintained Beauty. Most of the people visited this place for it's light and sound musical fountain show in the evening. It's was just amazing and magnificent.

After that we headed back to the hotel on bus. Then we had our dinner , the dinner hall was setup in large buffet style which look alike a food festival . From there we went back to room , got fresh , got to the bed for a sound sleep

Day 3

Next day , we went to Nirvana Yoga center early in the morning . It's the place where people all over the world came here to have a trained yoga class from trained teachers. Here people all over the world came for learning yoga and meditation . The entire day was spent together there .At evening we went back to bus for our return trip. Bidding bye to the city was very difficult . On the way back to the home , we had our dinner at a Punjab grill dhaba at night. We reached home at 11pm ,got fresh and went to bed .

The trip was was great , Loved the places, climate, people. It's became one of among of my favorite places to visit again