Mystic Coorg- It’s Not All About The Coffee Estates Version

1st Jul 2018
Photo of Mystic Coorg- It’s Not All About The Coffee Estates Version by The Indian Banjara

“COORG” when somebody hears this name, the first thing that comes to the mind would be the coffee or probably the spices . Let me take the privilege of taking you to the other side of Coorg which is extraordinarily mystical

Day 1

So I decided I will have to tick one more box off my bucket list which says - ROADTRIP! . I wander off in my car on a Monday morning at 5 taking the Mysore Road . Oh wait just for the record ? You can reach Coorg by two ways , one being via Mysore Road and two being via Hassan , although via Hassan is a bit on the longer side it has its own way of striking the travellers with awe!! With Shettihalli church PS this ones strikingly creepy and Belur in its way it has a lot on offer . Ok bleh , back to the story -

so I reach Namdroling Monastery around 11-30 with all the stops for photos, breakfast but daaaaamn the roads until you reach the monastery will be a paradise, more like the road is all the way going to the horizon !

Namdroling Monastery-

We have our own Tibet in our backyard and many of us don’t even know it exists

Photo of Namdroling Monastery, Tibetan Golden Temple, Mysore, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara

Let’s take a small detour on the history of this monastery shall we? - when the “Tibetan Diaspora” or the so called Tibetian exile happened, his holiness Rinpoche built the monastery - at first the monastery was built on bamboo sticks they say , this stature is now home to over 6000 lamas - geeez! Don’t get surprised if you for a split second wonder if you are in a different world altogether - why ? The people there are super friendly . If you are a curious soul like me ? You get to eat the worlds most epiccc momos for free—- haha ok that was a little bit exaggerated version but those momos ? Just melt in your mouth - right then getting back now .

It is a place built to keep the Teachings of Tibetian culture alive and did it serve the purpose? Oooh you bet it did , the level of calmness inside the monastery is just mind boggling and trust me the mystery of the lost time!? Will always remain a secret .

Being super tired after all that interaction with the monks I head to the hotel at Gonikoppal named “The Cocoon”. Oh oh oh don’t forget to collect the souvenirs from the temple . I reached the hotel by 1 and in the evening went for city tour . This is officially done during monsoons by me to break all the barriers which say monsoon is not the best time to visit Coorg as there will be unprecedented rain , but you know what ? This place shows it’s true colours in monsoon I feel and glad I am here at this point of time, more like - “ the environment and your soul finally makes contact at the most happening moment”

Photo of Mystic Coorg- It’s Not All About The Coffee Estates Version by The Indian Banjara
Day 2

Ever seen or felt divinity ? If somebody asks - I would definitely take the name called Iruppu falls , in order to reach this place one has to cross two streams and have a small trek- and as I caught my breath and looked up for all the gushing sound of the water the view is just mystical . As I stand on the cliff and watch the milky waterfall take its course - me and the waterfall had a small chat on a much needed lesson called “soul talking”

Photo of Iruppu Waterfall, Kurchi, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara

Madikeri - the land of coffee and spices . Hmm hmm the name does stand true for the coffee sip I took there is super valuable because the aroma and the taste is just mm mmm mm. After the waterfalls it was now time for experiencing a little bit of history of Madikeri, so I drive along the Snake route to Madikeri Fort .

Just a word of caution - don’t you ever believe if a taxi guy there says “ There’s nothing much to see there”.

Photo of Madikeri Fort, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara

I believe the closed doors have a lot to say about the place , as you walk buy the buildings inside the fort which is actually open for the public you will experience the pain , suffering , wrath and also the love behind some of these closed doors — such was the history of this place —“war for peace” was the saying and I did experience my goosebumps moment at this point of time .

The fort museum -

The fort museum is worth a visit , although there are 17 century artefacts kept ,the thing that caught my heart the most would be the mural on the glass painting which shines along with the suns rays revealing its true beauty of the detailing on the mural - this was my first “Holy” moment

Photo of Mystic Coorg- It’s Not All About The Coffee Estates Version by The Indian Banjara
Day 3

History says - it was first called as Jessi falls - for once a British officer was wandering the forest and when he saw the falls it is said that it reminded him of his wife who is beautiful — so that British officer named abbey falls as Jessi , now how it it change to abbey ? - Abbi was one of the last kings who rule that part of the town and when government gave the permission for privatisation- Mr Neravanda bought the whole chunk of land for his coffee estate and changed the name — sigh !!

But abbey falls is a world in its own although it’s banned to go into the water the bridge way to the waterfall and the beauty is just mesmerising!

Photo of Abbey Falls Madkeri, Hoskeri, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara
Photo of Abbey Falls Madkeri, Hoskeri, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara

Have you ever experienced - you breathing clouds!! ? Ahem ! It’s a small detour from abbey falls , if you are a fan of off roading good for you because if you aren’t be ready to keep flying away from your seat ., the slithery roads and the potholes makes it super difficult to get all the way to the Top but like I always say “it’s all worth it”— imagine you are somewhere on the western ghats the mountains are breathing clouds like the dragon breathing fire and you are experiencing the devastating beauty of nature where you literally can’t take your eyes off —. It was slightly drizzling by the time I reached there and I couldn’t move my muscle , reason 1) it was unbearably cold even with the jacket on , reason 2) it was as though the mountains were taking my name and I am the chosen one ! -

Photo of Mandalpatti Peak, Madikeri, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara
Day 4

Welcome to one of India’s finest Tiger reserve ! . God bless these guys for these fight almost every single day with poachers to protect an endangered species and also the whole of “homo sapiens” .

As it was raining super heavy on that day the safari was cancelled , I dono if I should say unlucky or lucky ., unlucky because I couldn’t see the majestic beast in its natural habitat- meh!

Lucky for the forest guard had a soft spot for me and let me go through the jungle oooooh Mama ! there were deers , it was more like they were having a DJ noon with their whole kind in the jungle and that time I thought for myself —- the world ? Is indeed a mystical journey in itself

Photo of Nagarhole National Park, Hunsur, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara

Nature has its own way of stunning people isn’t it ?, like they say “ both heaven and hell are on earth itself” , I am not too sure about hell but HEAVEN LORDS!!! this was definitely heaven . As though gods opened up the gates for me just to give me a glimpse of the beauty !.

For the kid in you this place also offers the toy train facility around the premises so make sure you try this , it is bound to get back some memories of your childhood

Photo of Raja's Seat, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka, India by The Indian Banjara
Day 5

There’s a controversy on this location as to “the elephants are to be left free” say the activists , but if left free the elephants die because of poaching Say the trainers — I personally feel they are doing a brilliant job in actually safeguarding these animals! . As I saw these giants a fear trembled in my heart but that fear was soon turned into nothing ., although they are giants they are more like kids who also crave for love. An example of “devastating yet beautiful”

And also It was the day of reckoning !! Where I had to return back to Bangalore but hey filled up my car with stacks of wine , coffee beans and spices . Bleh! Just because this said “not just the coffee version” doesn’t mean there is no coffee at all . Haha one is bound to go gaga over the driveway because when you drive through all you can see is them beautiful coffee estates . PS make sure you are a good driver if you are a driver because the scenes across the driveway is too very distractive!!

Big question on how much will it cost ?

Even if you spend lavishly the budget won’t cross 15 k unless you are staying in 5 star hotels .

The locations and the views are one level and the food is a whole new level in coorg - wherever you try , you are bound to get some epic exercises to your taste buds

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