Photo of Coorg 1/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Abbey Falls
Photo of Coorg 2/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Photo of Coorg 3/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Views from top of the hill
Photo of Coorg 4/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Views from top of the hill
Photo of Coorg 5/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Irpu falls
Photo of Coorg 6/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Irpu falls
Photo of Coorg 7/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Photo of Coorg 8/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Photo of Coorg 9/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Rajas Seat
Photo of Coorg 10/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Rajas Seat:
Photo of Coorg 11/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Roads back to Bangalore
Photo of Coorg 12/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Roads back to Bangalore
Photo of Coorg 13/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Roads back to Bangalore
Photo of Coorg 14/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Roads back to Bangalore
Photo of Coorg 15/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Bhaganandeshwara Temple
Photo of Coorg 16/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria
Bhaganandeshwara Temple
Photo of Coorg 17/17 by Deepti Joshi Luthria

This trip to Coorg was planned just about a week in advance. One day while looking for tickets in Cleartrip I look at the offer they had about 30% instant cash back on hotels, we immediately decided to go ahead and visit Coorg.

Coorg or Kodagu is called as the Scotland of India. It is known for its coffee estates and also for its brave warriors. It is located at a distance of ~260kms from Bangalore. We tried to cover as much as possible but then left a few places for next time :).

Day 1:Bangalore - Nagarhole - Irpu - Orange county - Coorg ~350 kms.

We started from Bangalore around 6:30. The roads until Hunsur are great. From Hunsur we took a diversion to go towards Irpu falls through the Nagarhole national forest. If any one wants directions to Nagarhole, all you have to do is follow the boards to the Kings Sanctuary. The roads from the diversion are just completely in tatters. After entering the Car details at the Nagarhole checkpost, we entered the national forest area expecting good roads. Unfortunately luck wasnt on our side, and the roads continued to be bad. We finally reached Irpu around 12:30 in the afternoon. The odometer read 250 kms from home. The entry fee was 20 Rs / person and the Parking free was 10Rs. The trek up to the falls is quite tiring.

The foot of the falls was too crowded since a bunch of college kids had visited around the same time. We spent about half an hour there and then started back down the stairs. One of our friends suggested we go to Orange county for lunch and so we decided to go there. Orange county is about 40 kms from Irpu falls. On most of the roads we couldnt find people to ask for directions but thankgod for the Google maps on our phones which worked perfectly. The road towards Coorg was being relayed and so to some extent (4-5 kms) it was good. After 5 kms though the roads continued to be bad.We reached Orange county around 3 in the afternoon. We had the buffet lunch there for Rs 799/ person. Though the buffet was great we though it was a little expensive.Left Orange county around 4 and reached Club Mahindra at around 5:00 (Odo reading ~340 kms) . The plan was to go to Rajas seat in the evening but we were so tired by the time we reached the hotel that we finally decided against it and just lazed around the resort. Dinner was at Coffee Blossoms in Club Mahindra. Club Mahindra was a great resort. The amenities were great. There is a fun zone where we could play TT , carrom etc. They also had a bon fire set up. The temperatures in Coorg during the day were quite high but the nights were cold. Day 2:

Started the day with the complimentary breakfast provided at the hotel. We had decided to do Bhagamandala , Talacauvery Abbey falls and Rajas seat today.

We left to go to Bhagamandala around 10:15 from the hotel. You have to mainly take the Mangalore road from coorg and then all the deviations are properly marked. The roads though are again bad. We reached the temple at about 11. Temple was not crowded so finished the darshan quite early.

After having a cup of coffee we left for Talacauvery. Again the temple wasnt too crowded so finshed the darshan fairly early. We then went up the 373 steps to the top of the hill. The view from here of the Brahmagiri range is awesome and totally worth the climb. Spent about 20 mins on the top and then started back the stairs and rached the hotel back around 1:20. One thing to note is that there is only one petrol station enroute to talacauvery so please make sure you have enough fuel.

Had lunch at the resort and rested for a while. We left for Abbey falls around 4:30 since i wanted to catch the sunset at Rajas seat. Abbey falls is 9 kms from the city center. The parking fee is 20Rs. the climb down to the falls is again a little tiring. Fortunately when we were reaching the falls a lot of people were leaving. Reached the base of falls...... Took some pictures and left for Rajas seat.
Rajas seat was a wonderful experience ....... We reached Rajas seat around 5:30. The sunset indeed looks beautiful from here. There was a musical fountain, toy train ride but we did neither and left back to the resort after the sunset. Had a early night since we had to go back to Bangalroe the next day.
Day 3:

Checked out of the hotel around 9:45. The plan was to visit the monastery on the way back. After crossing Kushalnagar we kept looking on the right for the entrance to the monastery. The monastery is 7 kms from this entrance. Parking fee 20Rs. We spent about an hour in the monastery. The route back to Bangalore through Hunsur is fantastic. There is some construction going on, on the ring road at Mysore which was the only bad patch.

Started back to Bangalore with only one stop at Cafe Coorg for coffee. Reached outskirts of Bangalore around 2:45. Did the weekly grocery shopping on the way back and parked the car around 4:30 at home. Fortunately we had a heavy breakfast and so we had lunch after we reached home at 4:30. We want to stop at Adigas or Kamat lokaruchi but both we so crowded that we decided we would finish all the snacks we had and just have lunch after we go back home...Trip to Coorg was fun overall except the roads in Coorg, which were in very bad shape.

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