Religious Places near Shivanasamudra Falls

5th Aug 2022

Beliefs and spirituality have been an integral part of India. Apart from being Indian, spirituality is another thing that unites us all. Mysore is best known for its Dusshera and Wadiyar dynasty. But apart. from that there are many other spiritual aspects of Mysore that are well hidden. I will share a few of the dargahs and other spiritual places, which are frequented by the masses. It is believed that anything wished there with a pure heart will manifest.

A word of caution, these are my views and it might not work for everyone. But these places are definitely worth a visit, mainly to enjoy the serenity and calmness associated with them.

Shivasamudram falls

Photo of Religious Places near Shivanasamudra Falls by Ramya

Shivanasamudra Falls

Seasamander falls also known as Shivanasamudra falls, are located in Mandya district on the border of Malavalli taluk.


Photo of Religious Places near Shivanasamudra Falls by Ramya

There is a beautiful Dargah called MARDAN- E GHAIB residing near the falls. It is located near Gaganchukki waterfalls, Shivanasamudra in Mandia District. This place is visited by the believer of all faiths.

As per folklore, Hazrath Mardan-e-Ghaib from Madina came here about 700 years back to fight against a black magician. He stayed here for some time, spreading the teachings of Islam, and meditating the rest of the time. Once he left the place, his disciples erected an empty tomb which later became this Darga – Presently it is run by Wakaf and Urus and celebrated on the 20th of Ramzan.

Most people visit this place with deep faith, incense sticks, and small lamps. They make wishes in the name of MARN -E- GHAIB, and as per the belief, most of the believers get their wishes granted.

Bharachukki Falls

Photo of Religious Places near Shivanasamudra Falls by Ramya

There was a belief, that inside the waterfalls, exactly at the midpoint there existed a place named “Safremadu”. There was a stone present at the location and all the believers, whose wishes were granted used to leave the feast on the stone. As per the faith, once the believers have left the place, water from the waterfall, is used to engulf the feast and wipe it off.

This symbolically meant the peer has accepted the feast.

Coming to describe the beauty of the falls it’s more like watching heaven on earth, the huge flow of the water hitting on the giant stones makes a crushing noise. Due to the phenomenon, this place is shrouded by fog lending it a mysterious feel.

The place is beautiful in itself due to the beauty of Seasamander falls. One can also have a small picnic over here.

Sri Prasanna Meenakshi Sri Someshwara Temple

Sri Someshwara Temple

Photo of Religious Places near Shivanasamudra Falls by Ramya

On the other end, there is Sri Prasanna Meenakshi Sri Someshwara Temple, that are around 1200 years old and holds immense religious value. The temple was built by the Chola dynasty and is well known for the Chakra ritual. The temple contains Shri Chakra inside the Sri Prasanna Meenakshi temple.

Do carry all the pooja items with you.

The other specialties of the temple are Nandi is not exactly the opposite of Lord Shiva. The devotes can go for Panchalinga darshanas, they are placed at the left corner of the temple. The other significance is the temple contains an ancient entrance that resembles Badami, Pattadakallu style.


Photo of Religious Places near Shivanasamudra Falls by Ramya

There is also a story of Potter who was a devotee of Lord Shiva which is carved on the back door of the temple.

Other Information

There are street vendors near dargah who sells Tamarind with salt and chill power on top and some raw mangoes with chutney that reminds one of their childhood days.

There is a small penthouse to stay in near the dargah for resting and changing clothes, the rent is very affordable. There are other stalls for food, clothing, and many more.

Some of the hacks and guiding tips we would like to share with you while visiting Shivanasamudra falls are:

• Try to negotiate with the street venture

• Please take care of your essential items

• Be aware of lizards and monkeys

• Carry a mosquito replant with you

• Don’t carry cash, opt for online payments

• Negotiate with the room owner

• Don’t forget to visit 9lakhs steps

• Please carry change with you that will be useful for you to go to the washroom.

If you are trying to reach falls by train from Bangalore, it will be approximately 91km. The traveling time will be around 2h 41m