Anantgange -Kolar- Kotilingeshwar Trip from Bangalore

14th Mar 2020

Antargange - Kolar - Kotilingeshwara

Photo of Anantgange -Kolar- Kotilingeshwar Trip from Bangalore by Deekiru

One Day Trip

Best weather to travel: Don’t travel during summers as it gets very hot during day time and you won’t be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Best time to travel : It will be between months of June to December.

Recommended dress code: Since most of the places covered are religious, please wear decent dress but also, if you wish to cover the trek as well, wear comfortable dress and must wear proper shoes for trekking.


• Bangalore to Antargange: 70 KM approx

• Antargange to Someshwara temple : 7-8 KM

• Someshwara Temple Kolar to Kotilingeshwara: 30-32 KM

Road Condition: It’s mostly highway journey, so road condition is pretty good. Just inside near the places you may have to travel in between some busy market (like when you will visit Someshwara temple) but that is for very short span of time.

Time taken in travelling:

• Bangalore to Antargange: 1:30-2 Hours

• Antargange to Someshwara temple: 25-30 min

• Someshwara Temple Kolar to Kotilingeshwara: 45 min – 1 hoiur

Places covered:

 Antargange

 Antargange Caves

 Someshwara Temple

 Kotilingeshawara


1. Antargange and Antargange Caves:

Start from your home a bit early in the morning (8-9 AM). It will be good if you will have your breakfast at home only as it will save your travel time. Also, there won’t be many options for you while battling the city traffic. Once you will start, it will take around 2-2:30 hours for you to reach Antargange. There is a valid paid parking available. You can park your car there.

From there you have 2 options:

1) You can take an Auto from the parking itself (it will charge you around Rs. 300 for a return trip).

2) You can walk from there on your own.

There are around 200 stairs till the temple. You will find many monkeys on your way up and they will even try to snatch your phone or bag etc. whatever you will be holding. Don’t carry any eatables upside as monkeys will definitely snatch it from you. If you are not very healthy person and doesn’t like much physical activity, I will advise you to take auto from the parking itself, especially if you are visiting in summer. Once you will climb the stairs, you can have a darshan in the temple and can drink or carry back home some holy water from the pond (you won’t find any water, if you will go in summers).

Once, you are done with darshan, can start your trek upside for the Antargange caves. It is not a very convenient and easy trek, so be prepared accordingly. Once your trek is over you can spend some time there on the top and then start back till parking.


Antara Gange (also known as Anthargange) is a mountain situated in Shathashrunga mountain range in the southeastern portion of the Indian state of Karnataka, Kolar district. Antara Gange literally means "Ganges from deep" in Kannada. It is about two miles from the town of Kolar and seventy kilometers from Bangalore. Antara Gange is famous for Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple, also known as Kashi of South. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the temple is a pond which gets a continuous flow of underground water from the mouth of a Basava (stone bull). It is believed that drinking water from the pond cleanse one from many diseases.

Way to Antar Gange caves is a steep and narrow path behind the temple to top of the mountain. (Now, the entry to the caves is restricted) The caves are 3-4 km from the temple. There are seven villages on this mountain, including Therhalli. The mountain consists of granite rocks and lot of caves around. Trekking in and around caves is popular here. Tourists also do night trekking and camping here, especially in summer months.

2. Someshwara Temple kolar

Once you are done with Antargange, you can immediately start for Kolar from there. It will take around 20-25 min from there till Someshwara temple. There is no authorized parking, as the temple is mainly in between of the residential area. You can aoprk your car somewhere nearby on the side of the road itself. It is a beautiful temple. Once you will enter from the main gate, you will find one Nandi statue just outside the main temple sanctum. Inside there is a main statue of deity Lord Someshwara. You can offer prayers there. Priests are there for the pooja and you will also get prasadam. After you are done with your prayers, you can roam around in the temple premises, which contains of mainly Kalyan Mantapa, which is still intact but other structures are mostly ruined but you can still have a look and click pictures. You will definitely praise the architecture of the temple.

After your temple visit, you can have your lunch on the way to kotilingeshwara from kolar.


The temple was built by the Cholas who ruled this region in the 11th century who were then dethroned by the Chalukyas. The temple was later expanded by the Vijayanagara Empire and is a fine example of the Vijayanagara style of architecture. The carvings on the inner pillars of the temple have an international connection which depicts the importance and value of trade to the King.

The temple is every architect’s delight considering the beauty of Dravidian architecture. The huge gopura on the entrance stands testimony to the hand of the Cholas in the construction of this temple. The temple has heavy Prakara walls, a Kalyana Mantapa (Wedding hall), a Mukha Mandapa with massive pillars, a Vasantha Mantapa (Marriage Podium) and a shrine for goddess Parvati Devi. The Kalyana Mandapa has 64 – 16 sided pillars, a few depicting men, riding horses and others represent mythological stories. The carvings on the pillars bear influence of the European, Chinese and Thai style.

The Kalyana Mantapa’s top portion depicts a Chinese style of architecture and the temple tower boasts of stucco figures. Apart from this, the Vijanagara inscriptions are found on the walls of the yagashala and temple store room which date back to the 15th century A.D. The door frame of this magnificent temple is carved in pure Vijanagara style with the dwarapalas (guards). There is a granite bull carved at the entrance of the temple. The temple also has a large stepped tank in Vijayanagar style called Kalyani.

The Someshwara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. He is worshiped in the name of Lord Someshwara at this temple.

Other places to visit in Kolar:

 Kolaramma temple

Goddess Shakti, in the form of Kollorama, is the presiding deity of Kolar. The Kolaramma Temple is her abode and was built in Ganga Dynasty. The temples illustrate the Dravidian style architect with imprints of Chola inscription. The granite stone structure is 800 years old and is designed in an L-shape sharing two shrines on a single vestibule, one is for Durga, and known as Kolaramma and the other is for Saptamatrikas, the seven mothers.

Bangaru Tirupati

This temple resembles the popular Tirupati Temple of Swamy Venkateswara in Tirumala. It is 29 km from Kolar in a village called Guttahilli. It also has the famous Garuda vehicle for Lord Vishnu. It is heavily crowded with pilgrims in the month of Shravan (July –August).


Budikote also known as Fort of Ashes, the fort derives its name from an event that happened in the past. It is said that a large-scale Yagya was performed here and left a huge mound of ash. Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan, built the fort. Famous temples to visit are Venkataramana and Domeshwara.

Kolar Gold Field

The visit to this golden city would be a waste of you did not visit the famous Kolar Gold Fields. They are believed to be the second biggest gold mines in the world. During the period of the British raj, it used to produce a huge amount of gold and employed workers from Germany, Italy, Britain and Anglo-Indians. You may visit the movie shooting location of the famous Kannada movie KGF in Kolar.

 Chikka Tirupati

The Lord Venkateshwara temple, also known as Keka Temple, is located at Chikka Tirupati, a popular attraction of Malur. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In village Shivarapattana one could find award-winning makers of rock sculptures. The other two temples to visit are Shankaranarayana and the Markandeswhwara

 Tekal

Also known as “Little Kanchi” or “Tyakal”, it is a little village that was once famous for 101 wells and 101 Temples. The Sri Varadharaja Temple and Someshwara Temple are the attractions of this quaint place. The name of this place was derived from the Kannada word “Mudalabagilu”, which means Eastern Door. The name is given due to the fact that eastern entrance to Mysore as well as the Vijayanagar Empire. Very close by, a hill is supposed to be the first point of sunrise in Karnataka.

Another place that has links with the famous epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, it is said that Arjun built a Hanuman Temple after the Mahabharata war. Maharishi Vashisht is supposed to have installed idols of Ram-Lakshman-Sita here.

 Baba Hyder wali Dargah

The dargah of Sufi Saint Hazrath Baba Hyder Vali, it is over seven hundred years old. Both Muslims and Hindus come to get the spiritual blessings of the saint.

 Kurudumale Ganesh Temple

This temple is the home of the massive Saligrama Ganesh Idol that is at least 12ft. long and about 7ft. wide. The unique feature of this temple is that it has been built from a single rock and has no foundation. The idol here matches no other Saligrama on Earth and is considered very powerful. People start new jobs or projects only after seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesh. It is also a favourite for all the politicians.

 Virupakshi

A temple that dates back to eight generations, it was built in the 1200s by Vijayanagar rulers and is similar to the Virupaksheshwara Temple in Hampi. An unusual feature of this temple is that it has the figure of a lion in front of the Parvati Shrine.


A rural place, it is famous for the cultivation of rice, ragi, sorghum, maize, pulses, oilseeds, cashews, coconut, areca nut, cardamom, chilies, cotton, sugarcane and tobacco. The nearby tourist attractions are Kaiwara Hill and Kailasagiri Hill, both an hour’s drive from Srinivaspura. Other nearby tourist venues include Pillalamrri, Pillalamarri Archaeological Museum, Mallelatheertham, Umamaheshwaram, Alampur and Agasthyeswara Swamy temple.

Anjaneya Temple – a popular Hanuman Temple

Lord Subramanyeshwara Temple at the base of Anjandri Hills

Vittaleshwara Temple – Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is a very old temple with large towers and a big pond

Ramalingeshwara Temple – Dedicated to Lord Rama and is the place where Sita stayed.

Narseemha Tirth – The place where Sreepaadaraja Swamiji lived and had his “Brindavan” or sacred resting place for his sages.

Sripadaraja Math – This is the home of Sripadaraja Swamiji a direct disciple of Saint Madhwacharya, who is said to be the third avatar of Vayu, the wind God. The earlier two avatars are Anjaneya or Hanuman and the second was Bhima, the second Pandava.

3. Kotilingeshwara

It will take around 1:30 hour for you to reach kotilingeshwara from kolar. Once you will reach Kotilingeshwara, you can find an authorized parking inside the premises only. From there, you can go the ticket counter and can buy tickets (its Rs. 20 each). Once you will enter the main area, it’s more of a guided tour that means you will have to follow the directions and will have to enter each temple (there are many separate temples build inside) to march forward. Outside these temples there are lacs of Shivalingas spread throughout the area. Inside each temple priest will say a small prayer specifically by your name. It’s a huge place and you can spend around 1:30-2 hours inside taking a glance at the beautiful shivalingas . They are of different sizes. There is on one huge shivalinga and one huge Nandi statue inside apart from many small and big statues. It is more of a commercial spot now than spiritual, as each temple priest will ask you to offer dakshina , which I think is not good. Apart from this the place is beautiful and a must visit for once.


Once you are done with the kotilingeshwara tour, you can head back to Bangalore. It may take around 3-3:30 hours to reach back home. If you will start at around 8-9 AM, you can come back to Bangalore at round 7-8 PM.


 Also, I will recommend to start early in the morning as it will become hot in the noon time.

 After visiting someshwara temple in kolar, you can have lunch at aplace called Miah. Its on the way and on highway itself. It is a very nice food court. You have multiple options there. Also, you can have access to clean loos and even bathing rooms and some shopping options as well.

 Carry water and some snacks for your travelling time.


 Don’t start late. As, the Someshwara temple in kolar will be closed from 1:30-4 PM. So, if you will start late, you can miss this temple darshan and I won’t recommend that as this is the major attraction of this trip.

 Don’t wear in appropriate clothes as apart from trek all the places are spiritual. We should maintain the sanity of the place.

 If you will go in summers, you won’t be able to see water in the Antargange.