Sakleshpur, The Green Land

10th Sep 2018
Photo of Sakleshpur, The Green Land by Neha Kumari

Finished after the Chikmangalur as a bonus, we were about to go on a tour of Sakleshpur today. Due to being very tired from the first day, the eye was opened late in the morning. Then the thought is to walk quite a whole day, then take breakfast from the hotel only and there is no tension if you do not get food again. At the same time there were three small children in the same place, then it was inevitable to have more time. So we eat well and come out of the hotel at nine o'clock. Both cars were moving along with each other.

Travel date-10th October 2016

The first target of today's day was Manjarabad Fort built in a distance of five kilometers. If you wanted to reach here, then what time was going to be reached? Going there, there was a place where a fort would be seen as Sidhi Sidhi road. The right-hand side of the left should not be seen. It also looked as though nothing was made around the road. After taking the service of the minded JPS, it was discovered that it had to climb up to fifteen minutes and then there was a narrow path like a clay way. After walking for some time, the stairs leading to Manjharaad fort were noticed. Slowly, while moving the camera along the way of the tortoise, we reached the main gate of the fort and got settled for a while. Near the main entrance of the fort, the wall made from the front was made of three four stone stairs. In the old times, this will not be used for knowing what, now it was a demonstration of bravery of youth. Moving forward, the figure inside the fort was understood. In its own right, it is made in a star-shaped shape, so inside it were made of a cross-shaped pit in which water was accumulated. There were also light steps which were able to get down from them. We did not take any such risk because of being in their broken footsteps. There were plenty of small rooms built here, which became the playground of children's play and were playing a very hideous game. After this we reached the end of the fort and started watching the scene from there. The more greenery was inside the fort, the same was seen outside. I did not understand that the fort was appreciated or the greenery that looks around in the nearby greenery. Truly the green color known to be known as Sakleshpur is more than that. It was completely forgotten by the fact that There was a green carpet, a sky-colored umbrella on it, and somewhere in the white cloud, there was everything for a nature lover. The mind itself was very happy that when we were seeing such scenes in the initial excitement here, then it would be even better.

To get closer to nature in mind, we left the second destination of the day to Bisal Ghat, which was forty kilometers away from here. Now the system of the second stop was restarted after one of us. Stop showing some goodness here, in addition the three children were giving plenty of opportunity to stay. We stopped again after about ten kilometers on the block. The brother also stopped from behind and asks what happened I said look and see. Then he said come on, come back. It seemed like a place to live in the desert. It was a long grassed slope of green grass and a green green mountain seen in front of it. This place was defeated in the mountains in the mountains. Moving ahead in this field, the point came in one place where it was difficult to go down. Take frozen photo over here. Here were paddy fields below. So far, we had seen so many shades of green which were difficult to count, and with the flow of air, the difference in the colors of the fields was coming automatically. Very intense space, but it was surprising that there is no mark in TripAdvisor so beautiful and there is no name in this place. If you know what to say then definitely will tell

Our destination was Bisal Ghat and came to the road to go there and go to this pleasant place to go there. When we came up and saw, our vehicle's back light off is not happening, that means the work of showing the car was increased. To get back to Bangalore today, it was very important to pay attention to the time. Bisale went ahead on the pier to get a workshop where the problem was resolved by paying fifty rupees. Due to being the first day of Vijaya Dashmashi, Ayandh Puja was still being done, then offered two glasses of hot milk and Prasad in the form of Prasad. From here the road condition got spoiled. It was just a jerk that was just that it was worth going. We were also sure that we have come to the tune, so far as the train will be there, we will definitely go there. In such a slow, slow rain started and now it seems to be so hard to waste. But it was in my mind that now it has to go, but I have to go but I have to go. Lastly, we reached Bilal Ghat by crossing this road. There was a light rain and we have to move forward from the opposite direction to the point of view of the children walking in two umbrellas. A short thick forest tracking can be called it. With the running son Selfie Le Le Re, we were crossing it and we reached El Duminyle View Point. From here the three big mountains were standing in front of us with their vastness and the fearful dangerous forest was secluded, ahead of their magnitude. Somewhat exciting but frightening view was from here So far the rain had disappeared and our time to go back. We got three o'clock till we reached Saklshpur from here. If the breakfast was more mortgaged then we got good work to get out. Now the target was to reach the Mangalore-Bangalore Highway in Ujala Ujala. Once you reach the highway, then again