Ratangad : A disappointment

20th Oct 2019
Photo of Ratangad : A disappointment by ratheesh pillai
Day 1

Me, Aghilan,Akash and Pratik had completed ratangad trek during July 2017 i.e. Peak monsoon time
So everything we saw was just *FOG* nothing else.
You can visit @photo.quintessence instagram page and see the pictures.
So we had decided to visit ratangad again you can ask again? Why?
Because Ratangad is called jewel fort,once monsoon is over ratangad is the most beautiful place on earth with beautiful yellow and pink flowers and beautiful clouds.So we wanted to witness it and we planned we will visit ratangad again after monsoon is over so we researched and found out October first two weeks are the proper time to witness the beauty.
We missed the chance in 2018 due to some personal problems and we planned somehow we will complete it in 2019.
2019 not all of them were ready because everyone had other stuff to do.

So I thought I will go with any trek group that is visiting ratangad during October 2nd week but unfortunately I didn't find one but I found on trek group is visiting ratangad during 3rd week and I was like ok now or never so I registered for it and I was excited and feeling low.
Excited because the dream will become true but feeling low because I will not witness it with my friends.

With me my 2 office friends also joined the trek.

It was a night trek so i will witness flowers,clouds,sunrise everything at the same time once I reach the top and I was excited a lot.

We met the trek group at Kasara station and it was a bumpy ride till samrad(Base village of Ratangad).

Everyone shared their memories, experience it was a good feeling to get to know about new people.

We reached base village by 12am and the trek was planned to start by 1 am but but but i am very lucky person right?

It started raining and raining like hell,in mid October it started raining like hell i was totally disappointed due to rain because if this continues then only thing I will witness in the morning is fog. Fingers were crossed.

We had a good sleep for 1hr 15 mins and the trek started at 2 am.

Slowly slowly we were reaching the top and my nightmare was becoming true because it was 5.30 am and sun was rising and I could see was nothing because of fog and everything felt like a replay to me.
Instead of my school friends there were strangers this time and the setting was same.And to add on to that almost all the flowers were dead because of rain in the following week.All I could see was Fog and dead flowers.

We reached the top and then we visited the cave and deja vu it was same to same nothing changed even the tint was same and I was totally disappointed because the whole week the sky was clear and this week I thought of visiting ratangad suddenly weather changed and it felt like a monsoon trek.

Everyone was clicking pictures but I didn't take out my camera also and you know why.

So we started exploring the fort and deja vu deja vu deja vu it was like a replay to me.

And then after some exploring we reached the most famous spot of Ratangad *The needle point*.
Everyone was busy clicking photos and i was totally disappointed with mother nature for screwing things up.

And then we started our descend and after reaching the base village the clouds cleared which brought more disappointment.

For me ratangad became like a Shirdi trip.
They say once baba wants you to visit him then only Shirdi trip become's possible or else not.
And Ratangad has become the baba for me.

Next year! Ratangad I'm coming for you.

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Photo of Ratangad : A disappointment by ratheesh pillai

First time night trek

Photo of Ratangad : A disappointment by ratheesh pillai


Photo of Ratangad : A disappointment by ratheesh pillai

Kalyan darwaza descend

Photo of Ratangad : A disappointment by ratheesh pillai

Sandhan valley

Photo of Ratangad : A disappointment by ratheesh pillai