Add on to Kerala Tour

Photo of Add on to Kerala Tour 1/1 by Bhavna Vaja

I was on a family trip in the second week on January. I decided to opt for land package from Trip Factory and I am certainly very happy with all arrangements. However, my tour like any another Kerala package included Kochi, Munnar, Thekkaday and Alleppey. Fortunately we had a driver who was an avid traveler and we together tailor-made the itinerary. I want to share two major spots we visited and would recommend to visit them if you are an explorer.

Kochi sighseeing, Athirappilly waterfalls, Munnar, Idukki Dam, Thekkady and Alleppey. Keep Travelling!!

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First one is Idukki dam. From Kochi city a distance of 111 KM would take you to Idukki Dam. Asia’s first arch dam that beautifully connects Kuravan and Kurathi hills. This dam authority has a vehicle that takes you for a close view of the dam. Photography is strictly prohibited. The dam is said to be built with ice in the building materials to make it stronger compared to other dams built in those days. The remains of the ice factory can also be seen at the sight. I was stunned at the way the dam was built and maintained. For a person who gets fascinated by science, human efforts and admires creation would definitely love this place.

Photo of Athirappilly Water Falls, Pariyaram, Kerala, India by Bhavna Vaja

The second fascinating place we visited was the beautiful Athirappilly waterfalls. From Kochi city it is at a distance of around 70 KM. Athirappalli waterfall view is breathtaking. Blockbuster movie Bahuballi had glimpse of the sight and is visited by many tourists.

If you plan to visit Kerala I recommend the sequence of the itinerary as below: