I met a guide who Knows EVerything about Alleppey

Photo of I met a guide who Knows EVerything about Alleppey by Baisil Boban

One fine evening like every other day i was taking some own time at the beach, listening to music and enjoying the setting sun in peace,

suddenly someone poked me and asked

" Do you know a place where we can hangout and jam for the evening"

In my Mind i gave him a thousand ** for ruining my peace and said them

"sorry bro am also new here, I was also looking for some place too"

Even though Alleppey is my native place but,

I Didn't Know what to tell them

It kept me wondering

and i started searching on google for information and literally didnt found anything thats usefull except the usuall jargon like

"Venice of the East"

"Nehru Trophy Boat Race"

" Backwaters & Houseboats"

Thats how all of it started

I wanted to build something usefull for the people especially for the tuorist who visit alleppey and came up with the Idea "I Love Alleppey"

and suddenly search for the domain and guess what it was available

So without wasting any time i purchased it, I am working on the website since then moreover it will help someone like me to spend some peace time at beach without being disturbed by tourist

Enough with the story

Let me talk about what you can find in this website

1. Its a directory of all small Businesses in alleppey (We introduced a functionality which helps business to list their business )

2. A growing list of attractions in Alleppey ( We are Adding a new attraction every day )

3. Any and all informartion about alappuzha (Like FAQ's )

4. Now we are working on developing a Tour and activity booking functionality

Please do have a look at our website to know more

it will help you explore alleppey with a touch of love

I love Alleppey the only guide you need to Find Great Places to Stay, Eat, Shop or Visit in Alappuzha