Wayanad-Kerala's natural beauty

Photo of Wayanad-Kerala's natural beauty by Kalliyangattu Neeli
Day 1

Thamarassery Churam/Ghat pass, Wayanad

Lakkidi View Point

Photo of Wayanad Churam by Kalliyangattu Neeli

It is a beautiful mountain pass in kerala which connects Kozhikode and Wayand.The Ghat pass is popularly known as Thamarassery Churam or Wayanad Churam ('Churam' is the Malayalam word for Ghat pass).
The pass is about 14 KM in length which starts from Adivaram to Lakkidi View Point.Yhis 14KMs offers a mesmerizing view of the mountains, hairpin bends,small waterfalls and varied flora and fauna.
You should definitely stop at the small tea shops which you will see at the hairpin to taste some Wayanadan delicacies (Definitely check out the 'Kaada egg fry (Quail eggs) and black tea combo).
When you reach the Lakkidi view point,you can see the panoramic view of the entire Churam and steep mountains.
From there you can enter into Vythiri,Kalpetta and Sultan Bathery

You should at least know about Karinthandan when you are entering Wayanad.(Little bit history 😉)

Chain Tree

Photo of Chain Tree by Kalliyangattu Neeli

Chain Tree Temple

Photo of Chain Tree by Kalliyangattu Neeli

In the 1700's the British searched a route to transfer spices from Wayanad to Beypore port and they couldn't find the shortest route. So they sought the help of a tribal leader 'Karinthandan Mooppan' and he found this route Thamarassery Churam. But soon after that he was shot to death. It is believed that Karinthandan's ghost haunted the travellers for a while until it was nailed to a tree by a wizard. The mysterious chain tree is situated about 58 km from the ghat.

A typical tourist destination

Pookode Lake

Photo of Pookode Lake by Kalliyangattu Neeli

Walkway in Pookode Lake

Photo of Pookode Lake by Kalliyangattu Neeli

A natural fresh water lake spread over 13 acre and one of the most preferred tourist destination in Wayanad.A calm and peaceful environment where you can enjoy with your family (Kids will love here).
Boating facilities and children's park is available here.
The one thing I loved the most is you can take a walk around the lake through the jungle listening to the music of nature.
(You can take 2 to 4 hours here depending on what kind of a traveller you are)

Ticket charge in Indian rupees
 20 per person for Adults
 10 per person for Children (5-12 yrs)
 20 for Still Camera
150 for Video Camera
100 for 2 seat Pedal Boat
 200 for 4 seat Pedal Boat
 350 for Row Boat