Coffee House Er Sei Adda Ta


Bengal (read:Bengali) and “adda” are quite synonymous with each other and being in Kolkata but not a part of an adda at the coffee house is a bit disappointing.

The history of INDIAN COFFEE HOUSE of COLLEGE STREET can be traced back to the times of Rabindranath Tagore and Subhas Chandra Bose or may be even before when they were among the frequenters to this coffe joint . Other notable persons who were regular at this place includes Satyajit Roy, Amarta Sen, Manna Dey, Mrinal Sen, Aparna Sen and among others.

Still today this place is among the favourite adda zone of the youths specialy of the institution located near the College Street. The coffee  house has played an important part in shaping Kolkata's cultural history. This coffee joint has been the breeding place of several political cultural ideas including that of hungry generation literary and cultural movements.

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Photo of Coffee House, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Arindam Ghosh