Kolkata ✨


Hey Kolkata,

I’m two days late but I just want to say thank you, for a beautiful experience.

I really wanted to meet you guys over a meet & greet, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. It was a really stressful and busy few days as Rahul’s dad had an unexpected surgery and we were visiting his whole family (a big, warm, loving, over feeding Bengali family) and though I got to see a thing or two, I wouldn’t say I saw enough.

Thank you for all your prayers and wishes. I promise the next time I’m back, hopefully soon, I’ll try to see you kids. To the few that I did manage to meet in the streets - thank you, so much, for coming & saying hello to me. Meeting you in different corners of the world makes my day like nothing else does. I always give you a biiiiig hug, because I know no other way to express my gratitude for all your love for me, so thank you.

Until then, here’s a Bengali phrase that I began to love and relate to for anything and everything people say and comment on daily, just turn around and tell them... Nikuchi korechhe!

Ami Aschi

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Photo of Kolkata ✨ by Saloni Chopra