Land of Terracotta

7th Apr 2018


Photo of Land of Terracotta by Kumar Aniket

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Pancha Ratna Temple

Photo of Bishnupur, West Bengal, India by Kumar Aniket

Want to dive a little bit deeper into India's rich culture and heritage, love reading and learning more about the Indian culture, then take out your time and do visit the lovely city of Bishnupur, a small town in West Bengal that is famous for its terracotta temples.

Getting There

1. Bus - If you love road trips and landscapes but don't wanna drive, then one can catch a bus from Esplanade, Kolkata to Bishnupur. It's a 5 hour journey filled with a lot of beautiful landscapes and good roadside stalls.

2. Train - If you love traveling by railway, then one can catch a train from Howrah railway station to Bishnupur. It's a 3 hour journey from Howrah to Bishnupur.

3. By Road - Traveling by road is the best option. The roads are very smooth, the view is amazing and the roadside stalls and food junctions are also very reasonable. The view is so appealing that you will be compelled to stop multiple times on the way to click pictures.

Exploring the city

Bishnupur is a very small city with a variety of options for staying. All the temples are near to each other and so one can travel around the city on foot or hire an auto-rickshaw for Rs.300 - Rs.500 a day and explore the whole of Bishnupur.

I would suggest you start early morning with visiting the Susunia hills which is famous for its holy spring, flora and its mountain faces mark the start to the journey of many mountaineers. The place is also known for its breathtaking views during the sunrise and sunset as the rays of the sun fall and go away from the mountains.

Once you are done exploring the mountains and have seen the sunrise, now the real exploration starts, the pride of Bishnupur i.e. Terracotta temples. Since, all the temples are near to each other so it is up to you from where you would like to begin. The terracotta temples and the works on the walls of these temples depict India's rich heritage and culture.

Madan Mohan Temple

Photo of Land of Terracotta by Kumar Aniket

Radha Madhab Temple

Photo of Land of Terracotta by Kumar Aniket


Photo of Land of Terracotta by Kumar Aniket

Double Stoned Chariot

Photo of Land of Terracotta by Kumar Aniket

After a surplus of rich Indian culture and heritage, now it is the time to get your hands on some of these, there are nice street markets that sell terracotta products like the very famous terracotta horse (Bankura Horse), terracotta jewellery and many other things all made of terracotta. The prices are reasonable but you can also try your luck at bargaining.

Terracotta Jewellery

Photo of Land of Terracotta by Kumar Aniket

Finally, the best ending to this trip would be ending it from where it began, yes the Susunia hills. After, a day full of travel return back to the hills with soft breeze touching your face and taking all your pain away. During the sunset time, the place feels like heaven, with the soft breeze touching your face and feet and giving you a lightweight feeling, the sun's rays falling on your face and the nearby greenery and making the place around you look like heaven. As, the sun goes down the horizon just relax, feeling the soft breeze and recollecting the pieces of Indian heritage you got to see throughout the day and I assure you that you will fall in love with the place.