Sundarbans the mysterious mangroves

7th Feb 2020

All you need to know is that it’s possible to feel the waters, the nature  and the wildlife at once and to feel all this “ Sundarbans the mysterious mangroves ” is the best place on earth to visit .
I am not going to indulge myself  into the arithmetic of how many animals , birds , reptiles etc exist there . You can find all these details in the Wikipedia .  Rather I would like to speak about the journey I experienced there .
The everyday life of a sundarban resident generally revolves around two things : the tide and the tiger , but peoples like us who lives in cities are not aware of these things . So to experience this tides and in an hope to see the Royal Bengal Tiger I packed by backpack and took an 3:30 hours  road journey and then 1 hours journey by boat to reach Sundarbans

On the 6th day of February , I booked my journey for the mangroves with a tour company called Tour De Sundarbans . They organises group tours to sundarbans . It was an 1 night & 2 days tour. 
So the next day that is on 7th February at 8:00 am my journey started from Kolkata . It was an three and half hours journey to Godkhali , the last road point . Upon reaching there we saw our mesmerizing boat was waiting for us to take us to our Eco village on the island of Satjelia . It took an hour to reach Eco village . Upon reaching Eco village the first thing which was in my mind was to have my lunch as I was super hungry , but  after a few minutes my hunger was transformed into my surprise upon seeing an authentic Bengali lunch .

Around 3:30 pm it was time for a country boat ride for bird watching , and getting introduced to the lovely mangroves . With the sun being set , around 5:30 pm we returned to the Eco village to spend an enchanting evening with the local musicians , sitting around the bonfire and soaking all the beautiful vibes .

With that said , now it was the time for dinner and after that an surprise night jungle safari on the country boat was waiting for us . An hour later it was  the time to sleep like an baby in the beautiful mud cottages.

DAY 2 starts as early as 6:30 in the morning , on an engine boat . This boat cruises through the mangroves till sunset and during this period we visited  two watch towers , namely Dobanki and Sajnekhali . Breakfast and lunch both was served on the boat itself .

After eleven hours of boat ride admist the enchanting mangroves we return back to Godkhali and started our journey back to Kolkata. At around 9:00 pm we reached Kolkata. Now it was time to say goodbye to all the other group members and return back home , and thus it brings the adventure of Sundarban the mysterious mangroves to an end.

Photo of Sundarban by Anirban Dey

Your steam boat " Elmar"

Photo of Sundarban by Anirban Dey

Beautiful mud cottage

Photo of Sundarban by Anirban Dey


Photo of Sundarban by Anirban Dey

Lunch on boat

Photo of Sundarban by Anirban Dey