Those Five Days In Kolkata, Every Year...


People have different reasons to travel and do short trips for a week or two. It is probably to reach a particular destination, experience the thrill of a journey, explore the location, enjoy a festival, associate with fellow travelers and create many pleasant memories.

For some travelers, it is really not that simple. Travel is just a break from routine without any other agenda. What is the point in having a break and keeping yourself busier than a normal work day?

Travel is not just about rejuvenation for them or connecting with time and space. It is not about feeling carefree or spending time with family. It is definitely not about people. It is very sad if a traveler intends to connect to a place only without making any effort to connect with its people, their own people or the city culture.

How can you possibly feel rejuvenated if you have a hectic schedule to cover all tourist spots, eat all kind of foods and shop in all the malls and markets that your friends have recommended? That way you create photo albums and talking material, not memories you want to return to.

It Is Time You Visit Kolkata During Pujas

Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kakuli

Many travelers do not quite understand that travel is less about pace and more about pause.

So next time, do not let the green and red dots (notifications) in Watsapp and face book that gives large doses of dopamine remote control your travel plans. It almost feels that you are traveling to please the world.

A couple of my friends wanted to visit Kolkata during Durga Puja this year. Somehow they could not make it. Now forewarning for those who want to visit this city during this festival – Do not keep any other plans because if you are not hopping puja mandaps to see the depth of creativity and themes in different pandals, it is undoubtedly your loss.

What I liked About This Is The Quietness

Photo of Those Five Days In Kolkata, Every Year... by Kakuli

If you do not spend some time in one Mandap to listen to Dhaak, watch Dhunachi naach, Sandhi Pujo, Arati, stand in the queue for bhog and enjoy the cultural programs, eat egg roll and Biryani then the experience is definitely incomplete.

This one is for my friends who missed that opportunity this year to experience Durga Puja.

Art Work in A Puja Pandal

Photo of Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kakuli

I have a video of over hundred pandals beautifully compiled and if I share it here what motivation will you have to visit Kolkata next year, during this time? 

Come, to experience and create lifetime memories. This place is not about geography, it is about being home.

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