Langkawi - Island Hopping!

28th Jan 2017
Photo of Langkawi - Island Hopping! by Radhika Arora
Day 1

We booked our hotel in Pantai Cenang, as is the one of the most popular beach town on Langkawi Island. Here you can find a diverse mix of good restaurants, duty free shops, and a lot of entertainment options like underwater world and rice garden museum.

An amazing beach experience in Langkawi,Malaysia was on a speedboat during the Island hopping tour which included islands like Pulau Dayang Bunting - our first stop. It is also called the lake of a pregnant woman. The views of water, mountains atmosphere were astonishing. We were given around 1 hour to relax and enjoy the beautiful water and natural backdrop.

The next stop was Pulau Singa Besar or the Eagle island. Here the boat man stopped for a while threw some food in the air into the water and invited eagles to eat it. And in no time we saw plenty of eagles diving down very close to us and eating the food and vanishing again into the sky. A different encounter altogether.

Next on the list was Pulau Beras Basah. It was a apt place for water sports as we could see a lot of fishes with naked eyes on top of the water. Another interesting things to notice here was the soft white sand. We played and relaxed here for about an hour before going back to the ferry point.

I always wanted to see a beach- the water, the sand,the forget the world and enjoy attitude the you automatically get once you think of a beach, and I personally feel I was always attracted to beaches. Langkawi, a silent yet popular destination was what i could think of.

Langkawi Island hopping was an exceptional experience I had in years and would recommend everyone to be a part of this at least once.

Dayang Bunting Island

Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora

One the speed boat

Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora

Speeding on speed boat

Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora


Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora

Catching fishes

Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora

Island View

Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora
Photo of Malaysia by Radhika Arora