To Leh or not. 

31st Oct 2017

Well,to Leh or not is not even a question. Be it any season of the year

Photo of Nubra Valley, Leh by Vasanthi Nagaraj

If I could get a buck for all times that people told me that I was weird/stupid/illogical to go to Leh in offseason, trust me I’d be a millionaire in less than a week. But then no, advices /admonitions don’t come with moneys, so here I’m financially broke but mentally kicking asses and I swear even if I’m given a chance to come here in the season where it gets swarmed by people, I’d choose not.

Leh is more a feeling than the place.

Be it the sexiest runway that you’ll land on, or the mightiest mountain ranges that hug the entire city as though it has met an old lover. Be it the genuinely kind humans or the offbeaten hyper chilled out cafes.

Be it the splendid monasteries or just the view from one of those astounding palaces. And, apart from the pictures in my phone & words scribbled in my journal, I’ve got no ways to tell you how much love this city has. The pictures in my phone don’t do any justice to the beauty of this place nor do these words but then , words are all I’ve.

So here it is, You might not get to see the valley in shades of green but you get see shades of yellow.

You might not find many fancy cafes to chill, but you’ve got people who’ll host you, who will take you inside their kitchen, feed you and keep you warm on cold winter evenings.

You might not witness a snowfall in Kardungla but you’ll get to slide through the snow covered Mountains, and if lucky have a cup of chai with the indian army on the highest motorable road.

You’ll still see the two humped camels in Nubra but you can choose not to rest your ass on them, because bro , they deserve better okay?

You might have to freeze to death at Pangong TSO when you visit it winters but trust me, you’ll have the lake for yourself And you’ll get to drive through Shyok, which is a bloody frikking amazing route.

This place is beyond all the seasons.

The terrains, the colours of the skies , the weather, though harsh at times is bewitching and I’d not mind being put under imperius if I can stay here