Excursion to the Tower of London

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The Tower of London is an ancient castle on the south bank of the River Thames, officially the Royal Palace and fortress of the Tower of London. It was built during the Middle Ages by Charlemagne and served as his court house and residence until his death in 1069. When the tower was redesigned and rebuilt it became the home of the queen who was then known as queen Elizabeth I. Today the location of the Tower of London remains unchanged except for a few statues that are visible from the pavement outside the castle walls. Tourists to London can take a tour of the grounds and take a stroll through the towers which can be reached by the London bridge or the underground rail system.

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The royal mile is the name given to a walk located in the south west quadrant of the square within the palace walls, it takes visitors from the gate of the palace to the western border of the Carousel which is where the Tower of London stands. One may take this early-access tour which starts from the Magisterium at the south west corner of the palace. Other tours include the London Pass Tour, which covers the entire route of the London journey, all the way down the lower Thames to Westminster and the Tower of London. A journey as long as this is expensive but a great value because one gets to see the most important attractions in London during this tour.

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The early-access tour highlights include trips to the Tower of London and St. James' Cathedral along with trips to the London Aquarium and the Greenwich Maritime Museum. On the other side of this early-access route are Hyde Park and the Kensington Garden. Other itineraries include trips to the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, which are both located in central London. Other notable attractions here include the National Gallery, the Tate Modern and the London Zoo.

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From the departure point at the London airport, the London tourist can take a bus trip or a taxi ride to reach the heart of London including a visit to the Tower of London. There is also a railway station in central London called Marylebone station which is the main station for the London Underground and a great location to catch a train to any destination in London including the Tower of London. From here tourists can continue their journey into central London either catching a tube or a metro which can take them to many important locations including Hyde Park and the London Eye. To make a detailed itinerary, all one has to do is enter the exact departure date, time and location into their travel guidebooks. It is possible to combine trips to places such as St James' Cathedral and the Tower of London into one trip to capture the full essence of London including a centrally located and attractive location for shopping. The location for the shopping portion of this trip is the London Eye, which offers shoppers a chance to view some of London's popular department stores such as Oxford Street and Soho Square.

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There are two options for visiting the Tower of London: a guided tour and an excursion. The guided tour is ideal for those who are familiar with the general history of the building, while a self-guided excursion is more ideal for those who are unfamiliar with the local streets and local buildings. It is recommended that tourists take a guided tour during the day as it offers a better understanding of the Tower of London and its history. While on the excursion, tourists will be given specific instructions on how to enter the Tower of London and what to expect upon arrival.

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There is also a private tour offered through the London Aquarium, London Wildlife Trust, the Natural History Museum and London Zoo. Upon arrival, visitors are ushered into a large foyer and given specific directions regarding where to go within the Tower of London. While walking through the narrow corridors, visitors will be greeted by a security guard who will provide them with information on how to enter the Tower of London and what to expect. From the Tower of London visitors can see the Tower itself and experience the London Eye, one of London's largest Ferris wheels, as well as take a guided tour of London's local streets.