Visiting London

4th Dec 2018
Photo of Visiting London by Isa Taariq

Everyone says a dream come true is to visit UK, see the queen and the palace. Explore the British lifestyle. I visited London for 3-4 days and share you guys a tour to London.

So why London you ask?

See London is like an example of the greatest cities in UK . It has  some of the most famous buildings, museums and galleries in the world and 2000 years of history to go with them.Not only that there’s always a new bar, play or concert to see.

London has a delicacy of foods around the city with different cusienes with different people around the world. It may rain always but  it's fun living in London.

So what to do in London ?

See I don't have experience but what I explored that was one of the greatest trip I ever visited.

Day 1

So now once you reach London, you can't just roam everywhere. London is huge and need time to plan your vacation. The first day’s an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with the centre of London and orientate yourself.

So why stay in expensive hotels while you can just rent a house or stay in hostels.

Then  come to the afternoon, take in one of the bus-based tours of Central London  and see all the capital’s major sites. Closest is the Hyde park where you can just relax and dream and even write stories or poems of your choice.

Hyde park

Photo of London, UK by Isa Taariq
Day 2

Next you need to visit the main attraction of London, Westminster. One of the famed historical district of London. Packed with full of iconic buildings including Westminster Abbey , the Houses of Parliament , Horse Guards Parade, the fascinating Churchill War Rooms museum and just down Whitehall there’s 10 Downing Street which is spectacular.

Photo of Westminster, London, UK by Isa Taariq
Photo of Visiting London by Isa Taariq
Day 3

Nothing is better than visiting  the City  as it’s often referred to as an great opportunity to spend a morning or early afternoon discovering the oldest and most versatile building in the entire capital, the Thameside-set Tower of London. Following this, take a quick Tube train into The City and wallow in its fascinating merger of ancient streets with dynamic, modern architecture and terrific attractions including the magnificent Restoration-era St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as the Bank England Museum and London Museum.

Natural museum of London

Photo of Big Ben, London, UK by Isa Taariq
Photo of Big Ben, London, UK by Isa Taariq

Big Ben

Photo of Big Ben, London, UK by Isa Taariq

And let's not forget the Southbank, one of the greatest attractions in London.all the way from the south side of Westminster Bridge to the  Tower Bridge and, thus, encompasses the attractions that are the London Eye , Sea Life London Aquarium, the Tate Modern gallery, the National Theatreand the BFI Southbank cinema complex, let's not forget the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and, of course, the multi-entertainment Southbank Centre. Moreover, in the London Bridge area you’ll find too the London Dungeon and Vinopolis venues, in addition to the foodie paradise that’s Borough Market.

So if you're planning to go to London, make great use of the capital’s transport links to sweep your way swiftly and easily to the appropriate airport or, if it’s not, be sure to check out anything that you may have missed in London Town so far!

Photo of South Bank, London, UK by Isa Taariq
Photo of South Bank, London, UK by Isa Taariq