Top 7 Places for excursion around Gwalior, Madhyapradesh.


1. Datia:

Places to see: Datia palace

Datia has it's history dated back from the time of Mahabharta. This town has it's own historical importance and is mainly popular fro its seven storeyed palace which was built by Raja Veer singh Deo in 16th century. It is considered to be one of the finest and magnificient examples of Bundela architecture.

Distance from Gwalior: 80 Km

2. Sonagiri Jain temples:

Places to see: Jain Tirthankar Temples on the Hills.

This place has around 108 Jain temple built on a hill. The main temple is dedicated to 8th Jain Tirthankar Chandranatha. All the temples are white in color and in a row. It is a beautiful place surrounded by nature.

Distance from Gwalior: 80 Km

3. Shanichara Temple:

Places to see: Shani Temple at Aeti village

This is popular religious place for Hindus. Manhy legends has been associated with the ancient temple of Lord Shani. The temple is situated on a hill top near the Aeti village.

Distance from Gwalior: 25 Km

4. Bateshwar Group of Temples:

Places to see: Ancient shrines

This monument is an important archaeological heritage in Madhyapradesh. Popular mainly for its Shiva temples this places has more than 200 shrines. This temples are dedicate to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and dates back to 7-8th century.

Distance from Gwalior: 30 Km

5. Mitawali: 

Places to see: Ekottasso Mahadev Mandir

The temple is popular for its circle shped architecture of the main temple in centre, which is believed to inspire the construction of our Indian Parliament House in New Delhi.

Distance from Gwalior: 30 Km

6. Padawali:

Places to see: Temple and Shrines

It is located near the Morena village. The temple is visible from the Gwalior fort also. It has almost 100 ancient shrines and one main temple. It is great example of architectural glory of Gwalior.

Distance from Gwalior: 30 Km

7. Kakanmath Temple:

Places to see: Shiva Temple

This place is having the Highest Shiva temple in North or Central  India. The temple is built on a huge platform with a large porch and pillared hall.

Distance from Gwalior: 80 Km