When in doubt on a trip, friends decide #MPChalteHai

4th Oct 2019

Gwalior- Jabalpur- Orchha

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After a wonderful trip to Bhutan, our group made a record to go on another trip in the same year. This time, we zeroed down Madhya Pradesh.

Started off from different parts of North India, my journey began with a late night train from New Delhi to Gwalior. We reached by 5am and moved on to find the retiring room at the station not operative. We looked out for other options online and got a quick book near to station. The first day was the visit to main attractions in Gwalior. While our group's meet and greet happened by 10am, we did not take some time for breakfast.

The very first location we hopped on was the Sun temple. The main attraction of this temple is that the sun rays enter and fall on the idol from sunrise to sunset. The place is peaceful and surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with peacocks.

Please note that there is no sight of any restaurant near this temple. We went there planning to take a heavy breakfast and ended up eating Poha and chai at roadside.

The next stop was Gwalior fort. The fort itself comprises of many tourist attractions. Entering the fort, you have to walk for few minutes to reach the main point which is at a height. You can see the mesmerising beauty of the colorful fort, yet feel disgusted by people ruining it by writing down names. The entry tickets can be even taken online which is around 20/- INR per person.

The fort itself comprises of many attractions. There are temples, gurudwara , Suraj kund, museums and palaces. Autos and cabs are easily available at the entry which can take you to all the places which are otherwise located few kilometers away from each other.

As a hungry group, we had langar at this place. This is definitely at a #todo in Gwalior.

After the sight-seeing, we stopped by the fort to enjoy some music.

The day ended in Gwalior with some Tandoori chai outside the station. Do take few minutes to enjoy this!

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Day 2

We took the train journey and reached Jabalpur early morning. The train was on time and we reached in 12 hours. Blame it on the bad luck we took along, the hotel we booked via Oyo refused to accept the booking citing low prices being paid. This led to an hour of to-and-fro calls to the company support. I am telling this because in case anyone else faces such situation, discuss it with the booked hotel before you reach if they accept the bookings done via third party. We managed to get another hotel from same booking company.

For Jabalpur, we booked a 7-seater cab for a day for 2000 INR. There are two-wheeler and three-wheeler available for rent. They also provide pick-and-drop facility. We stopped by Kamla Bhandar for breakfast - delicious meal at affordable price.

We visited the Dumna Nature Reserve Park. The place is peaceful consisting of a lake. You can even opt for a bicycle ride and enjoy the beauty of the place.

The next stop was Dhuandar falls, which is famous for its ropeway as well as boating between marble rocks. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a rainbow too. The ropeway trip costs 95 INR per person.

After the ropeway journey, you can grab some maggi or fresh sugarcane juice at this point.

You can also buy many marble items - idols, jewelry, toys, magnets etc.

Photo of When in doubt on a trip, friends decide #MPChalteHai by LifeofaTravelGirl
Photo of When in doubt on a trip, friends decide #MPChalteHai by LifeofaTravelGirl

Owing to the heavy rainfall, we did not get a chance to enjoy boating. However, we did not miss the chance to sit by the river and enjoy some quality time.

The last stop in Jabalpur was Balancing rock.

The waterfall is far away from the main city. Make sure to take good time off for visiting the place. We visited Jabalpur during the Dussera holiday. Just look how the city glitters at night. This was taken on the way to station.

From Jabalpur, we had to reach Orchha. The train from Jabalpur to Jhansi takes around 5 hours. From Jhansi, you can take a passenger train to Orchha which takes around 15mins or a public transport which takes 30mins. The cost can be 100 INR if you book a auto.

Day 3

We reached Orchha early morning. The best thing about Orchha is that it is a sound and secluded place, away from city noise. We had a rafting planned for the day. The rafting person to contacts is - Ram Raja Adventures.

We started rafting at 7 am. The total rafting time is 1.5 hours. The cost if 550 INR per person. The rafting experience is very different when compared to Rishikesh, but special on its own. You find view of Ram Raja Temple, Jahangir Mahal and the Chhattris. Settled in the lap of green surroundings and enormous cenotaphs, the colossal Betwa River in Orchha flows right from the Vindhya Range and immerse into the Yamuna. One can enjoy river rafting in the gleaming water of the river while adoring the view of the grand ancient architectures including the Orchha Chhattris as a backdrop.

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After rafting, we stayed by the hotel for few hours and came back in the city to explore the fort by evening. The Orchha fort is divided into several compounds. There is also a light and sound show which depicts the culture and history of the same. The fort is at a walking distance from the main market.

After the sunrise, we decided to have a walk around the Wildlife Sanctuary. Little did we know that the walk will soon become a trek. The cost of visiting the sanctuary is 50 INR per person. There was no wildlife but we targeted to reach the Sangam point which connected the Betwa river with Yamuna. By 8:15am, we reached the point.

The rest of the evening was spent at the river point enjoying the calmness. We had dinner at a local restaurant. The food quality is good at all places in Orchha but the prices are a bit high. At last, no trip can end without ice cream :)

Day 4

The last day started at 5am by sunrise. Probably a sunrise I had seen after months :) This point is also at a walking distance. And you can anytime from morning to evening.

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After the blissful walk, we came back and visited the Ram Raja temple. The temple generally opens at around 12 pm.

With this, we ended our trip, packed our bags and moved to Orchha station. Running with bags, we catched the passenger train to Jhansi. From Jhansi, we parted ways to our respective destinations.

Pro tip :

We covered most of the places through public transportation. The autos are easily available in Gwalior and Jabalpur. In Orchha, everything is at walking distance. Most of the visiting places are low budget. Choose affordable restaurants to eat. The food is tasty and cheap. And last but not the least - Enjoy every moment, capture them so that it spreads smile on everyone's face when they look back.

Photo of When in doubt on a trip, friends decide #MPChalteHai by LifeofaTravelGirl

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