Are You A Nature Lover But Sick Of Mumbai's Concrete Jungle? Take This Flamingo Safari! 


Mumbai is the ultimate destination for many in our country. Although dreams do come true in the Mayanagri, nature lovers often complain about the concrete jungle that Mumbai is. If you’re someone who is sick of Mumbai’s landscape, then you’d be interested in this newly introduced flamingo safari! No, you don’t get to ride a flamingo on this one. Instead, you take a cruise where you can observe flamingoes in their protected sanctuary.

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The cruise begins from the Coastal Marine Biodiversity Centre near Thane and takes you along Mumbai’s eastern seaboard, up till Vashi. The route is absolutely mesmerising as it takes you through a thick cover of mangroves where the protected sanctuary for flamingoes lies. These flamingoes flock to the sanctuary all the way from Kutch for about 5 months every year, so you must book your seats right before summer sets in.

Get Your Cameras Ready!

A small 24-seater boat will take you along this cruise and you may be shifted into smaller boats to make way through slightly tough water-ways. Needless to say that the entire route is a photographer’s delight as the mangroves twist and curl to show how exquisite nature can be. Moreover, you’ll often spot fleets of flamingoes flying over water up-close like never before. Witness these powder-pink beauties in full splendour in their natural habitat at this flamingo cruise.

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The best part of this safari is its affordable price, so you can actually head to the waters at your whim and fancy. A seat in the large boat will cost you ₹300 on weekdays and ₹400 on weekends. If you’re looking for a group booking, you can book seats in the 7-seater boat for ₹5,000 only!

Contact the Coastal Marine Biodiversity Centre at +91 9987673737 for more information and bookings. Timings are based on the tide, so it is best to enquire before you head out for the safari.

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