Fort of Maharashtra: Sagargad

31st Oct 2017
Photo of Fort of Maharashtra: Sagargad by oldskool_indian

So in this article I'll take you through the fort whose purpose was to keep an eye on the Alibag coast to the west and the Creek to the north (Dharmatar Creek).

It is said, that "Kanhoji Angre" ordered his soldiers to hurled down criminals from this point who committed grave crimes such as rape, murder and treason.

It is a medium level trek. You will have to cross two mountains to reach the third one which is the fort. Or you may say a one huge mountain. Plateau type mountain.

The trek starts from "Khandale" village on the way towards "Alibag" town.

It take approximately 2 hours or minimum 2 hours to reach to the fortification on the third set of the mountain.

Photo of Sagargad Fort, Bamangaon, Maharashtra, India by oldskool_indian

Carry lot of water as always during a trek. But, there are many villages belonging to the tribal community on the top of the mountain.

On the way you will also find a temple dedicated to "Siddheshwar" from the Lingayat Clan, where you can stay if you plan to spend a day on the mountain.

However I would recommend that you spend the night on the fort. As the mountain is flat which makes is scenic and plenty of patches to spend the night. Make a "Born Fire" and enjoy the starry night.

The fort also has a temple dedicated to "Shiva" which is also a better option to sleep. Few meters down the temple, you will find a small well.

Photo of Fort of Maharashtra: Sagargad by oldskool_indian

The fort is beautiful which offers the view of the Arabian sea and the creek to the south (viewed from the tok). Carry Binoculars.

One just have to follow the trail through the villages on top.

You will also see blue arrow marked on the stones to find your way to the fort.

On the way we saw streamline created by moving water. This river later flows further and opens to a Waterfall.

Waterfall opens to the first set of mountain when you start your trek.

While on the second set of the mountain you will find an electric pole with a mark pointing towards right which will take you towards the waterfall.

Photo of Fort of Maharashtra: Sagargad by oldskool_indian
Photo of Fort of Maharashtra: Sagargad by oldskool_indian

So I will again visit this fort during monsoon to cover the waterfall.

The best part about this trek that it offers a Waterfall too along with a gorgeous flat mountain. Also plenty of water resource and stay option on the way, absolutely free.

I slept on the fort on the clean and flat patch.

After spending few hours exploring the fort. I started to descend which took 1 1/2 hours to reach the base village.

This trek opened the doors to another one. Which I will complete next week.

Please go give it a try. It would be a great place and an off beat location to spend quality time with your friends, family and colleague. Yes, only if they are ready to walk !!!

So Make Time and Travel !!!

I would like to end this piece by showing my respect to the great Admiral my nation has ever seen after the "Cholas".

"Sarkhel Sena Khaas Kanhoji Angre ki Jai !!!


Your Punter !!!

दुर्ग प्रेमी !!! दुर्ग नाद !!!