Incredible trip to Sula vineyard 🍾

14th Sep 2021
Day 1

When you think of a one day trip what do you imagine? A calm atmosphere, away from the chaotic cities. Well, sula vineyards is just the kind of place which would relax you from your hectic week. Located at just 200 km away from Mumbai, this is a perfect getaway for everyone out there.

This place looks like it is a villa surrounded by vineyards all around it. This is that kind of place

Where you can sit in the balcony of the villa, have a glass of wine in your hand and just enjoy the view from there.

You can reach sula in an around 3 to 3.5 hours from Mumbai. Leaving Mumbai early morning in a taxi is advised so that you reach sula by 11 to 11:30 am and have ample time to explore the vineyards of sula as the vineyard is open from 11:30 am to 6 pm only.

About sula vineyard

In 1996, Rajeev samant planted the first wine grapes in Nashik and today this region is India's premier wine-growing region, producing 80% of the country's total wine.

Sula also has guest houses where you can relax for a while. Once you are in the midst of the beautiful sula vineyard, you will surely get mesmerized with its awe-inspiring environment.

Sula is home to a variety of award winning wines that are made exclusively from premium grapes harvested within the local farms. It offers a wide range of exotic wines including special editions, premiums as well as reserves.

The Entrance

The entry road is covered with wine grape fields from both side which makes way for the vineyard's wine tasting unit as well as wine factory.

Once the tour starts, a guide throws light on the history of the winemaking and explains the stepwise procedure which goes in the making of exotic vines, tank maturing, barrel maturing and finally bottling the wines. The whole process is carried out in the factory located behind the sula vineyard's main building

Further, the guide leads the visitors to a bar carved with wooden barrels which has a tinge of vintage effect in it. This is the place where all the tasting is done when it comes to wines. Apart from this, the guide also briefs visitors about various types of wines.

Wine tasting

After a short 20 minute tour that ranged from the origins of sula, a vivid description and demonstration about the variety of grapes used and sula's particular ontology, we walked into the wine tasting room. The tour included tasting of four wines - one Riesling, one shiraz, one sparkling and one dessert wine.

The touring and tasting wines can be done after paying a minimal entry fee which is Rs 150 per person which includes touring and tasting 4 wines. The tickets for wine tasting are available at the reception of the sula vineyard present on the first floor.

The first floor also has a beautiful rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the vineyard while giving your taste buds a treat of your favorite exotic wine. Furthermore, the ground floor of the vineyard is home to the wine tasting unit and consists of a souvenir shop too.

The shop has everything ranging from wines, coffee mugs, t-shirts and plenty of wine accessories that will keep the memories of the sula vineyard fresh even after you go back to your routine life.

once the tasting session is completed you can relax and eat some delicious Italic and Indian cuisines at little Italy and soma some restaurant.

Sula vineyard is known for its wine tasting but, it has a lot more to offer.

The sulafest

The sulafest is held here in the month of February. Its a fun filled exotic event consisting of awesome food, great wines, music as well as fashion. In addition, the landscape gardening at sula vineyard can serve as a perfect picnic spot if you are not into wines and just wish to unwind and relax for a while.

So, go and explore the exotic beauty of sula vineyard and make your weekend a roller coaster ride.

Photo of Sula Vineyards by Simran Talreja
Photo of Sula Vineyards by Simran Talreja
Photo of Sula Vineyards by Simran Talreja