A Trip To The Land of Guns and Wines


Hello, everybody. This is my first time on writing a travelogue. I apologize for the Over-dramatic heading and in case you people are wondering which place I am writing in relation to it is Nashik.

I have travelled to Nashik 5-6 times and I do not know why but i never get bored of this place. Maybe it is the utter serenity of this place or just the fact that it is the Wine Capital of India but whatever may be the reason for me it is an escape from the rowdy hustle-bustle of the city to just kickback and relax.

Whenever I travel to Nashik it is usually for 2 days or less but not being too big of a city I have seen pretty much everything of remarkable importance there. The most enticing place(s) to visit in Nashik (for me) are the Sula and York vineries. These 2 places are the major reasons why most of the people visit Nashik. If you get time be sure to visit the cantonment area in deolali which is not that far from Nashik. I am not too much of a god-friendly person so I never made it a point to go and visit the temples in the neighboring areas.

Visiting the Sula Vineyards

Going to the Sula vineyards was like a breath of fresh air for me. It is a place where you would want to take your girlfriend and ask her to marry you and you can be sure that she would not say 'no' to your proposal(unless you have some major issues). For me it was quite disappointing as I had to visit this place with my sisters.

When you intend to visit this place be sure to reach it before 4PM in the evening. If you reach early you can take in the whole experience of this place. The vineyard offers you a tasting tour where you get a chance to taste some exotic wines right from the barrel. They show you and let you partake in the proceedings of making this beautiful elixir. You have a lot of fun in crushing the grapes with your feet by jumping and walking on them. From there you can go ahead and enter the "Tasting Room". This is the room that you want to be locked in for the rest of your life. They make you sample some of the wines that are freshly brewed and also some exotic wines that have been preserved for more than a decade or so.

The whole tasting tour takes upto usually an hour or two. After this you can go up to the restaurant where you have a beautiful view of the whole Vineyard. If it is a weekend you might find it difficult to find a good spot so try to get a table reserved before hand. If possible try to get a place close to the railing from where you can see the majestic fields of grapes with the setting sun in the background. This is the best time to be in the restaurant. When the sun is on it's nadir and it turns into a beautiful blood red ball, that is the moment when all the troubles of your life will take a hike and you will go into oblivion. Just imagine you have a glass of red wine in your hand and you are sitting in front of a majestic field of grapes with the Sun setting in the background. WOW, now that is LIFE.

You can spend your whole day(and presumably night if allowed) in this place.

The York vinery is actually same as the Sula vineyards but with a little British-y Colonel House feeling.

I apologize as I do not have any pictures to share with you in relation to both the places mentioned above as I am not much of a camera guy.

I believe in creating and recollecting memories rather than keeping them in a physical manner.

For me the most joyable thing is to think of a particular memory and get a smile on my face due to that.

A place where you can enjoy the drink of the Gods with a breathtakingly scenic view