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Sula Vineyards

This is a wine factory in Nashik and they also have a specialty restaurant by La Plage based on Italian ways and cuisine. As you enter this lovely place you will be greeted by the awesome farms on both sides of you. The guide here will take you along the vineyards and explain each details about how the grapes are grown here and how they are used to make different types of wines. At the end you can sit for a nice and educative wine tasting session with the experts who will tell you more about how to understand and differentiate between wines. The staff is good and the service you are provided with is very good too.
Santosh Suresh Jain
Sakshi Chaudhary
Siddhesh Joshi

Many a times what we get is a one day leave from our boring routine and daily hustle. But, don't worry, just relax and enjoy this gateway from Mumbai in one day. Yes, you heard it right. These vineyards are one of the most happening places near Mumbai. We were group of 4, all 'suryawanshams' (you better know what do i mean here), left from Thane around 12 o'clock in afternoon. We took the beautiful Mumbai-Nashik Expressway (actually it is beautiful after Kalyan -Bhiwandi crossing). We stopped for lunch at Shree Datta Snacks, Padgha which is 20 minutes from Bhiwandi Kalyan crossing. We had delicious & authentic Maharashtrian food ( Kothimbir wadi, misal paav are must try). After adding the much needed fuel to our body and alsp to our car, we decided to go to Sula vineyards non stop . As it was the starting of July, the monsoon had spread its greenery everywhere. With waterfalls coming alive, Kasara Ghat was in its full glory. Around 3.30 p.m. we reached our destination. What surprised us that there was no entry fee for Sula Vineyards. The cherry on the cake was that there was no charge for parking our car :) . We took the package of Rs. 250/- per person for wine tasting. We enjoyed 5 different wine tastings along with witnessing its making process. We were enlightened about which type of food should be consumed with which type of wine as well. After this wine tasting session, we checked into roof top restaurant of Sula vineyard, ordered a bottle of wine with cheese platter. Enjoyed the music and coziness of rainy evenings (luckily it didn't rain). At around eight o'clock we forced ourselves to go back home. Precaution - make sure that the person who is supposed to drive the, should not drink except wine tasting. Again while coming back, we had sumptuous dinner at Urban Tadka on expressway and right before 12 at night we were home. The details below will summarize the things we did at ultimate costing - Total Distance - 300 kms (to & fro) - Rs. 1500/- petrol (approx. 400 rs. per person)Total time taken to cover above distance - 3 hrs 30 minutes (including 1 lunch/dinner break) each side (approx. Rs. 500 per person)Total toll booths en route - 2 - Rs. 400/- (approx. Rs. 100 per person)Sula Vineyard - tasting package & restaurant bill ( Rs. 250/- per person for tasting + Rs. 600/- per person for restaurant)P.S. - this cost depends on the type of wine you order.Total Expense - approx. Rs. 2100/- per person :)Add-on information- if sula is fully crowded, you can very well visit York, Soma and other vineyards located nearby.
Inside the vineyard itself the staying facilities and food(restaurant) are available. But we were stayed in Nasik city and visit the vineyard and comeback. Do visit during Sula festival where you can enjoy the grape stomping.
Sula wineyard :This winery and vineyard is located near the Nashik city in Maharastra. They have organized an one hour winery tour and the instructor give very informative knowledge about wine. He explained us what are the primary conditions and requirements for making of wine and even demonstrate us how to taste the wine, How to pick up the wine glass etc. Really it is very much informative session and we enjoy our trip. They have small shop too from where you can buy wine and other memorable things for your dear ones. There are two options available if you don't want to taste wine than ticket prices are low. They offer 5 types of wine for testing.