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Sula Vineyards

This is a wine factory in Nashik and they also have a specialty restaurant by La Plage based on Italian ways and cuisine. As you enter this lovely place you will be greeted by the awesome farms on both sides of you. The guide here will take you along the vineyards and explain each details about how the grapes are grown here and how they are used to make different types of wines. At the end you can sit for a nice and educative wine tasting session with the experts who will tell you more about how to understand and differentiate between wines. The staff is good and the service you are provided with is very good too.
Going to Nashik and not being able to visit their famous Sula Vineyards is surely considered to be a misfortune. Therefore, without giving it much thought, Sula was at the top of out bucket list on the things to do in Nashik.Sula is located on Savargaon Road in Nashik and one can use Google Maps to reach there quickly and easily. We visited in December and to our disappointment, there was no harvest during that time. Nevertheless, there was yet so much to do !We left for Sula at around 10:30AM and reached there at around 11:00PM and believe me, the crowd was much lesser than compared to what it was when we were leaving. Therefore, it is preferable to reach their early so that you get a chance at the several Photo Booths set out before reaching the actual destination.There are wonderful photo booths and props kept on the way ranging from cycle to bottles to carts. Make sure you save space in your hone memory because we surely did exhaust our phone memory considering the amount of pictures we took !On reaching the registration centre, you have to book a time slot to go for the tour. Since there were no grapes, we could not see the machines in process. However, we received a detailed explanation from the tour guide and we could see the enormous machines and barrels. The tour lasted for about 15 minutes.After the tour, one can go for a wine tasting session, and it is an extra paid service. You are not only taught how to correctly taste the wine but are also offered six different variants to taste !After that you can proceed to purchase wine but this is one of the hardest parts since one mostly stands confused on which wine to buy but once you are done, you are sorted to enjoy all those parties and weekdays with Sula's finest !Again, it is a must visit but one should try to make it there when the harvest is available to enjoy a better experience. Sula also offers accommodation which makes it easier for people to visit. It is only 180KM from Mumbai... so, what are you waiting for ?! Get your weekends sorted NOW !
By the time we left Balaji Devsthan we were already late for bus to our overnight journey back to home. So our care taker packed our lunch for the journey. We were tired and kind of sad that this trip came to an end but we were also happy and somewhat uplifted by this mystical experience of rainy weather, scenic beauty and divine stories we had throughout the trip.I hope to visit the city of Nasik once again for many more adventures yet to come. And for traveling – It leaves you speechless and turns you into storytellers.
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Santosh Suresh Jain
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