Necklace Point-Bhor

16th Mar 2020
Photo of Necklace Point-Bhor by ABHISHEK TUKARE

Necklace point is near Bhatgar dam in Bhor area, it’s a location where Nira river and Gunjawani river embrace each other at a prominent place and create a Necklace shaped meander. That’s how this scenic viewpoint got its name as the Necklace point. It’s a maximum 2 hours drive from Pune that can be reached via two ways – one through Saswad road and another is via Pune – Satara road.

There are many Bollywood and Marathi films which have been shot at this location. This is a place where you can go for nice photography, can also get a chance to see peacocks and different birds.

You can also go to Bhoreshwar temple, which is near to necklace point. It’s a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is carved out of stone with a huge Nandi Idol. Other areas of interest are in bhor area.

Place:- Bhor(Near Pune).

Attraction:- Necklace Shape Curve Of A River.

Best Season:- Monsoon.

Panorama View of Necklace Point

Photo of Necklace Point by ABHISHEK TUKARE

Necklace Point ♥️

Photo of Necklace Point by ABHISHEK TUKARE