Top 7 Stunning Lakes in Pune

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The town is filled with lots of lovely lakes making picnic places great. You can do so much here, from getting a relaxing break in the water to having a boat ride with your loved one and having a picnic dinner. Make a bolt out of town insanity for these lakes as you can certainly enjoy a time of peace here.

1. PashanLake in Pune

The gorgeous sunsets and landscapes across Pashan Lake makes it the ideal location to just get away from Pune's urban life atmosphere. It is a people-made lake that was constructed since the British period to deliver the neighborhood with water. Currently, the pond's delightful nature built-up makes it a perfect place for shooting and drawing in the countryside. For nature enthusiasts, moreover, it is a place, as it would be place to countless citizens and indigenous birds such as dark heron, gray-breasted,kingfisher,biddy, violet moorhens, and cattle egret.Paddling and rafting are other fun events that attract tourists to the lake.

Destination: Pashan in Pune

2. MastaniLake in Pune

It is a famous pond located close Dive Ghat on the edge of the town. Story line had it that PeshwaBajirao I and Mastani have recently visited this historic landmark. It is thought that Mastani used it to swimming here frequently, regularly followed by Bajirao. The beautiful lake was constructed in the early 18th century, covers an area of more than 14 acres. It was not only the royal family's residential place but also the source of water for neighboring villages.Destination:Pune-Saswad Road in Pune

3. Katraj Lake in Pune

It is component of Pune Municipal Corporation's famous Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. This 18th-century lake, scattered over an area of 42 acres, was the region's primary water source production during the Peshwa period. In the center of this unnatural basin, there is a tiny island with a ShivajiMaharaj sculpture.By boat, you could easily reach the mainland thus experiencing the incredible views of the Sahyadri area and green trees throughout.

Destination :Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune

4 Khadakwasla Lake in Pune

For locals as well as visitors Pune, Khadakwasla Lake is a famous point of focus. Because this lake is located on Mutha River's Khadakwasla Dam, it's called it that way. It is also often related to as Pond Fife as the waterfall and the pond had been launched in 1869 by the former British Army's Captain Fife RE. Constructed in the post-independence period to provide relief from drought, it is presently the primary source of water for Pune and its surroundings. You can book Car on Rent in Pune.This lake is a common option for a day journey from lakes in Pune, and individuals come here to appreciate the scenery, wade through the waters or enjoy a picnic lunch while relaxing under a tree's shade.Destination : ‎

Khadakwasla Village in Pune

5. Model Colony Lake in Pune

This is one of Pune's most famous picnic places. His other name, Lakaki Lake, came from Pune's renowned Kirloskar family's family home. Curiously, LaxmanKashinathKirloskar's mixture of initials, the Kirloskar group's creator, becomes Lakaki in the Marathi language. Family members mostly tour this location for some great moment on weekends.A touch of green is attached to the landscaped lake parks. In addition, morning and evening visitors can be seen walking on paved routes. A further exercise that attracts tourists to this lake is bird watching as they can locate egret, coot, robin, and many other birds.

Destination: Shivajinagar in Pune

6. Jambhulwadi Lake in Pune

Jambhulwadi Lake is one of Pune's renowned lakes, filled with calmness and nature beauty. The pleasant surroundings make it an excellent place to run away from the city's wasteland. Its lakes and mainland corners are inhabited by a multitude of fauna and flora. The lake's relaxing blue waters are a vision to see and catch. Besides experiencing a ride on a recreation ship, tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports events organized here. It is prevalent to see tourists here gazing at the power of nature while enjoying a delightful picnic dinner and loved one's business by the lake banks.

Destination:Ambegaon Village in Pune

7. Manas Lake in Pune

Pune lake of Manas with a partner who draws travelers from close and far is one of the famous locations to visit in Pune.It is an optimal place for a vacation with friends and relatives, with lovely countryside full of green spaces and urban environments.Apart from savoring dinner by the lakeside, tourists can love boating when the sights are simply incredible, particularly around sunset.Because of its amazing landscapes, this lake is also a beautiful location for shooting enthusiasts.In addition, bird watching is equally common here when the lake is flocking with birds of various kinds. Puneites often choose to stay at Manas Lake because of all this.

Destination: Bhugaon in Pune