Go Backpacking in Malaysia- Tips to Travel in Budget


While planning a holiday to a foreign country, the very first question that you look to address is—how much is this trip going to cost me? Money is often the sole reason many of those travel bucket list items remain unticked. If this is why you have been keeping your holiday to Malaysia on hold, then let me tell you how to budget trip your way to Malaysia.

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Staying and lodging: There are options galore when it comes to budget stays that are light on the pocket and yet with come all the basic amenities one needs. For those looking at private rooms or dorms, the cheapest options range from 30-75 MYR (~ Rs 500-1,242) per night. Budget hotels start from a price of 80 MYR (~ Rs 1,325). One of the more popular budget hotels is Hotel Petaling that is located near Chinatown.

Food: Food in Malaysia, especially in restaurants will cost something in the range of 7-20 MYR (~Rs 115-330). But the best way to save up further cash on this is by hitting the local street food joints. Not only will you get some of the best cuisine to sample, you will end up paying no more than 11 MYR.

Transport: Travelling around different cities and from one state to another could be cumbersome. Buses are your best bet here, with a large number of buses available to take you from KL to the different cities. Just a couple of MYR will take you across the country.