Kothi Manali | A Charming Village


Kothi Manali

Photo of Kothi Manali | A Charming Village by Neeraj Dhiman

Kothi is a picturesque village that can be found on the foothills of Rohtang Pass around 15 kilometres away from the city of Manali. As a result of its status as an ideal location for camping, travellers from all over the world come there in search of excitement and recreational opportunities.

Everyone who comes to investigate the area is captivated by the breathtaking panorama of the unspoiled wilderness that surrounds Kothi town. The majority of hikers who are headed to Rohtang Pass typically set up camp here. A breathtaking panorama of snow-covered mountain peaks, the River Beas, and glaciers can be seen from this vantage point. Taking in and photographing the spectacular view is an experience that should not be missed.

Approximately 2600 metres above mean sea level is where you’ll find the village of Kothi. In addition to hikers and campers, it is also frequently visited by creative types who are on the lookout for new ideas and some quiet time to think.

The picturesque splendour of the region has also been featured in a number of poems written by renowned poets, by authors who simply cannot get enough of the gorgeous village, and it has also been featured in movies from Bollywood. Because the natural nature provides painters with a variety of spectacular settings to choose from, Kothi is an ideal site for artists to work in.

The winters bring snowfall to the area, but it does not experience the same level of population density as the Solang Valley. As a result, it is the ideal location for travellers looking for a place to get away from the congested parts of Manali.