Excursion to Milan Cathedral

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With its beautiful gardens and historic buildings, Milan is a tourist's delight. This beautiful city is home to many fine museums, magnificent art galleries, world-class architectural attractions, and great architecture and design. The most important attractions in Milan are the Duomo, Palazzo Reale, Piazza Navona, Grand Canal, and St. Croce.

If you only have time for one attraction in Milan, the Duomo is the right choice. Order electronic tickets for the excursion on the foxiepass service. To get from the airport to Piazza del Duomo, the car rental website bookingauto.com will help. Once here in the heart of Milan, be sure to visit its Cathedral. Otherwise, you will not be able to consider that you have seen the “capital of fashion”.

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The heart of this beautiful city is the Duomo, a public square on which the city's skyline is oriented. It resembles a silver tray where the big pearls of Milan shine - from the Duomo, you can take in the entire sights of Milan. If it is your first time to travel to this part of milan, do not be overwhelmed by the sight of the magnificent towers, churches and palaces as this will be the first impression of your trip. From here, it is only a matter of time before you get to see the famous St. Croce Church or the majestic bell tower of Sirmione. You will definitely want to stop at the Duomo to take in the view of Milan. While there, you will also be able to take a peek into the Milan Cathedral, a must-see attraction in this gorgeous city.

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Another attraction worth seeing is the Duomo itself. Built in 324 AD, this cathedral is made up of seven hundred intricately carved statues of the saints. The most famous ones include the oration of St. Peter's Basilica and of St. Anthony's Basilica. The statue of St. Anthony stands at the Duomo's top; the painting of St. Peter can be found in the Sistine Chapel, and the statue of St. Gregory can be found in the church of Santa Croce. If it is possible, it is advisable to visit the Duomo during the hours of late Gothic night.

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One of the most important sights that one must not miss in Milan is the Duomo, which is the main administrative and spiritual building of the town. Built in 324 AD on the foundations of an earlier Roman fort, this church is one of the oldest in the world. Here you will find two main features: the huge bell tower and a museum with an Italian railway station. This museum showcases the best pieces of the Milan architecture, including the famous Duomo. Among its many attractions, the Duomo has a very impressive 150-foot statue of Virgin Mary, which is kept under guard by twenty-four guards. In addition to the bell tower and the Madonna statue, the museum also houses a reproduction of the famous frescoes of the Milanese city.

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Another exciting excursion is a trip to the San Gimignano Vineyard. Here you will get to taste some of the best wines from the famous vineyards of the region. The vineyards are a World Heritage Site and protect some of the most important sites in the city. As part of Italy's tourism program, there are several villas and apartments with beautiful gardens in the surrounding area. You can even stay in a villa with swimming pool, if you want to fully indulge in all the pleasures and wonders of the nature and of the eternal sunset.

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Finally, do not forget to stop at the Duomo, Milan's state-supported cathedral, for a glimpse of one of Europe's largest and most impressive cathedrals. Built in 1013, the Duomo features the world's oldest marble facade. The dome is a work of art that takes over four centuries to build and represents the timeless beauty of Milan.